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SUNBABY" a 20 years old brand, passionately committed to bringing joy, happiness & smiles to every baby home by providing parents with High Quality, certified, beautifully designed & Safe products for Babies. Though babies can bring unimaginable joy, our role as parents & care­ giver takes on a whole new meaning when daily tasks of parenting in­ crease. Therefore, at SUNBABY, we develop products that meet all the baby's needs, taking children into an amazing & exciting world of play, learning and music

The company is based in Delhi & is known for manufacturing high Qual­ ity baby Safe Products Like Baby walkers, Bath range, Magic Cars, Play school Products which meet the Mandatory BIS requirements in Safety Standards & Certification. Today, We can proudly say that SUNBABY has over 10 million satisfied Parents using the complete Product range.

When we talk about corporate sales, SUNBABY products are mainly sold Online through Amazon, flipkart, Firstcry & Reliance in India and Through its Distributor & Dealer network . With the ongoing Covid situa­ tion, The Online sales has picked up a rapid pace and the sales have zoomed up nearly 3 times. Today, we are thrilled to say that SUNBABY is the NUMBER 1 SELLER for baby Products category in India.

With the Online Futuristic Vision & Expansion in mind, The Company has also expanded into the UAE, USA & UK online segments and hopes to become a top seller Brand there too.

As far as SUNBABYs Offline Segments, Distributors & Dealers prefer to keep SUNBABY products for our Design Uniqueness & because the company maintains a policy of "One Area One Distributor" to avoid price wars. The Parent consumers look forward to buying SUNBABY product range whenever they are visiting Baby Shops.

To meet the growing demand of the Market, In addition to the Existing Factory, A new manufacturing unit is now been designed & construct­ ed with state of the art equipment and Injection Mounding machines in Bhiwadi. This is expected to be ready by end of 2022.

We, at SUNBABY, IMAGINE with all our mind, BELIEVE with all our heart and ACHIEVE with all our might.

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Sunbaby Squeaky Duck Potty Trainer (RED)

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Sunbaby Squeaky Duck Potty Trainer (RED)

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