As the weeks go by, bath time becomes quite an animated part of the day; babies have started to get accustomed to the water and have great fun splashing around, playing with the bath toys and they love being without a diaper. Bath time can be made safer by using a special bathtub specifically designed to suit the needs of babies.

SUNBABY Bathtub is the only baby bath tub you will ever need! Bathing all babies is easier, safer and more comfortable with SUNBABYs BUBBLE BATHTUB . With inbuilt Bather , The unique design allows transition with your child from new born to a toddler and enjoy having a bath . The SUNBABY bathtub cradles the infant in a reclining position, supporting the back, legs and arms. A soft baby cloth or towel can be used to support the baby in the reclining position especially when the baby is if the a newborn baby. Your toddler’s back will be supported, while the contoured “baby stopper” between the legs prevents your toddler f

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