Sunbaby Baby Splash Bath Tub SB-JF-015
As the weeks go by, bath time becomes quite an animated part of the day; babies have started to get accustomed to the water and have great fun splashing around, playing with the bath toys and they love being without a diaper. Bath time can be made safer by using a special bath tub specifically designed to suit the needs of babies.

Why choose me?
High quality product. Non-slip surface and anti slip armrest

Key Features

With soap case

Embossed fish design at outer surface.

With two sides of anti-slip armrest.

Non Slip surface provide more comfortable to bath your baby without slipping.

Simple drainer let water flows smoothly, no stain will be existed.

With anti-slip on bottom to secure baby safe.

With water level indicator.


Brand – Sunbaby
Type – Bath Tub
Recommended Age – 0 to 24 months
Dimensions – L79 x W48 x H22 cm

Items Included in Package
One Bath Tub

Additional Details

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