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“Why are you gifting a toy car again? Don’t you know that he is 15 years old now; he does not need a pencil case at all. Try something different”, she said. She was right; I looked at the toy car in my hands and I wondered what gift I should give him that he should use and remember me.

Does this sound familiar? When your kids are invited to a birthday party and all you have to do is to buy a gift for the birthday child but you are confused about what should you buy? This happens when you have no idea of what gifts to give to a toddler and what gift you should give to a teen.

Seriously, no one will even try to remember you if you give them a bad gift or something which is no use for them. Yeah, maybe they can remember you as a person who gave them the worst gift.

It’s better to not get written down in the bad books of children because NO ONE WANTS TO BE THERE.

Here Are the Guidelines to Choose Age Appropriate Gifts

Newborn (0-6 months old)

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Newborns are very delicate and angel like. If you are buying gifts for them then you must know that most of the time they will spend getting cozy and sleeping. Till 6 months of age, newborns cannot differentiate between colors and their sight is slightly hazy and black and white. But that doesn’t mean that you will gift black and white toys. Colorful blankets, prams, cots, cute pillows, snuggly colorful toys, multicolored hangings, and toys that make noise like rattles are appropriate toys for this age.

6-12 months old

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In this stage, the baby opens his eyes and starts to do more physical activities. They attain the ability to lay on their belly and sleep like that. They become more engaging and active. They start to stand up holding solid things, crawling, talking in an unknown language (going ta..ta..ta..ta), rolling on floor and doing what babies do. This is a stage when kids go gaga over the toys which are battery operated. They see and mimic the actions of the toy. Battery operated clapping monkeys, bouncers, battery operated stuffed dogs and cats that go meow are appropriate toys for this age.

1-3 years old 

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Toddler is a stage where physical activities of kids start regularly. Believe me, being toddler is not easy and it takes lot of energy to run in the house with your mother following you. They lay hands on whatever they find and are within their reach. They turn everything down out of curiosity be it a jar of juice or water. It’s very funny to see them like this way. This way they try to learn the good and the bad. They touch everything, EVERYTHING. Musical carts, cars in which they can sit, walkers for their wobbly feet, outdoor ride-on toys are appropriate toys for this age.

3-5 years old

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They go to school! Pre-school starts and so does their learning period. They try to learn and grab all the things they come across. This should be taken care of that they cannot differentiate between good and bad and parents have to teach them time to time. Learning tools like abacus, educational tablets, reading tablets, construction play set, stationary, study tables and chairs are appropriate toys for this age.

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