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Question:Is it suitable for 7 month baby
Answer:No do not purchase this if your baby is small as it does not have brakes and it moves faster and may injure baby.. go for Baybee smart witty walker
Question:How to increase the height of walker?
Answer:One black coloured push button is there to adjust hight
Question:What’s the height of walker?
Answer:It’s very comfortable for 7 months to 1 year children. hight can be adjustable (up/down)
Question:This model provid the breaks
Answer:No this doesnt… it has only arrangement to increase or decrease height
Question:Can we change music songs?
Answer:It plays one song, you can’t change it but you can take the battery out.
Question:Can i use for 1 year child
Answer:Not suitable
Question:Can i use for 7 month baby?
Answer:Yes, u can, it’s nice product @ this cost
Question:Which month baby can use this ?
Answer:10 month..
Question:Name of the country, which made baby walker
Question:Will it be delivered now currently?
Question:Pls online buy
Answer:U can get it online
Question:I ordered this item why send me another product
Question:Is this product made in china or india?
Question:Does it have food tray available?
Question:Is it having stopper?
Answer:No. But it is an excellent product
Question:Canni use 8 month baby boy
Question:Do we get separate nuts for the bolts in the seat fittings? Or should we just press the bolts into the holes? I didn’t receive any nuts…
Answer:No need nuts. Just press and fit the seat
Question:Is extra seat available?
Question:Warrenty on this item
Answer:No warranty but excellent product very gd for rough use as well
Question:Upto how many months can i use this wlaker to my baby
Answer:Depends on the weight n size of ur kid but 1.5yrs I think is fine
Question:How to assemble weel
Answer:Just insert the wheels in the wheel grooves.
Question:How much weight can be able to carry this?
Answer:10 kg
Question:Is This walker made in steel ?
Question:Can i use for 5 month baby ?
Question:Does it has music in it?
Question:Is Delivery possible on time?
Question:How do stopper works?
Answer:Working very well except music.
Question:How can I order only Padded Seat unit ?
Answer:Reach out to seller directly.
Question:I need seat only
Question:I need seat only
Answer:Only seat is not available
Question:Why i didn’t got ny casgback?
Question:Will delivery boy fix it?
Question:Will delivery boy fix it?
Question:Will delivery boy fix it?
Answer:No its very easy to fix it dont worry pls follow the instruction on it
Question:Is It this walker has muusic ?
Question:Why music button is not working ???
Answer:Battery power down….
Question:Retrun ploicy?
Answer:Read the return policy
Question:How much weight it supports?
Answer:More important is the sturdiness of locks holding the seat. If that is sturdy, it can support good amount of weight. In my case, I found the seating a little risky.
Question:want seating replacement for sunbaby butterfly walker my baby is 9 months old 2 months back we took the Walker…now bcz of seat he is falling down
Answer:Same issue on it.
Question:I need only backrest (washable) is it available?
Answer:It is washable.
Question:Where is the music tray to insert batteries ?
Question:What is your return
Question:Is it returnable or not?
Question:Our child is not sitting or walking,Is there belt to tie up child,what should be height of a child to use walker?
Question:My daughter is 12 months. Will it be recommended for her??
Answer:yes u can use it
Question:Why music system is not working?
Answer:It’s working, my be mini cell discharged..
Question:Why in my walker music system is not walking?
Answer:Music system never walking…
Question:Is there battery systam for music system?
Answer:May be..But it’s working fine
Question:For music plate is there battery system?
Answer:yes from the bottom of the top base , need to open screws to insert batteries.
Question:What is your return policy?
Question:Is dr any return option
Question:How old baby use it?
Answer:9months onwards
Question:Is this item is exchangeable? What about the warranty information and how it can be claimed?
Answer:Contact seller
Question:Height adjustment is there but in comments a seller replied that there is no height adjustment! Pls confirm the actual wieght (up to) it can carry.
Answer:Height adgestable
Question:My baby just 9 month can use this walkwr
Question:If it is found damaged then how many days it will be returned
Answer:No damage
Question:Is this product having option of return & exchange..? Pls. confirm.
Answer:Contact seller
Question:Is this product having option of return & exchange..? Pls. confirm.
Answer:Please contact seller
Question:Can I get blue colour
Answer:Yes it may…..
Question:wakar amt 799 is showing but order in online
Answer:999 Amount
Question:Shall we use this walker for 6 months baby.?
Answer:yes 6 months baby can use it
Question:This walker wheels are rotate 360 degree
Question:My baby is just cross 9 month, waight 9 kg,may i use it for him ?
Answer:my 8 kg son is pretty comfortable. I think it is good for up to 12-13 kg
Question:I found the package and delivery in worst condition so it was returned back immediately
Question:How to adjust up and down ?? And Music toy is not working..
Answer:There’s a button under the toy holder at the front. Hold and press forward or backwards to adjust height. The music is awful anyways.. My baby did not care for it..
Question:Can I use this for 1 month baby
Question:Is there Safty belt?
Answer:No safety belt is not there in the walker
Question:Music is not working how to fix this issue
Answer:Please check the batteries on the tray toy.
Question:Do we get this assembled or we need to assemble?
Answer:We need to assemble, but its easy.
Question:It has any braking system?
Answer:Nope, quality of seat cover is also poor it’s not even 15 days my 7 months daughter weigh only 6.6 kg but seat could not hold her and is torn
Question:Is plastic used BPA free?
Answer:Yes it is BPA free
Question:Is this adjustable,
Answer:Yes. You can adjust height.
Question:Is it packed in a box for gift
Answer:Yes ofcourse
Question:It is a good product. can i buy extra cushion? the cushion which came along with the product has quickly worn off! please let me know. thanks.
Answer:No need
Question:Can it be used for shorter babies? What is the minimum height?
Answer:Start from 6 month babies. Height can be adjusted.
Question:What is maximum weight capacity
Answer:5 – 7 kg
Question:It have Music?
Answer:It includes the music button, but sound is very low & not adjustable.
Question:is it have songs?
Answer:No need t s full waste of buying it broke within 1 month
Question:Can I use my 11 months baby?
Question:In description it says it has music
Question:Have music system ??
Question:This walker can used for 9th months baby
Answer:Yes I bought it when my daughter was 9 months. Do not recommend this walker though, the seat came off within a month’s time. It’s a flimsy walker
Question:Can this move at all side. I have look many similar products and all complain about the cushion, how long will it last?
Answer:Yes it can be moved to all side, cousin is good
Question:How does the music play?
Answer:Simple birthday greeting card music.
Question:Does it ve brakes?
Question:Sir, i already purchased this. But wheels are missing. Can u sell 8 wheels
Question:Features says height adjustable,is it height adjustable?
Answer:Yes, height is adjustable but this is upto kid for below 1.5 years old
Question:is tis walker has music
Answer:Yeah it has
Question:Why it can’t be delivered to 796001
Answer:We can delivery order with KiddosCare
Question:Height is adjustable?
Question:Which of the sitting walkers are with wheel lock and wheel direction lock
Answer:There is no wheel lock ,, but quality is good for buy
Question:Can we remove the cushion and wash it.
Question:Is the plastic quality gud and does it play music
Answer:Plastic quality is decent. It plays one tune only.
Question:how many wheels are there?
Question:is there stopper ?
Answer:No, there is no stopper in this walker
Question:Is it BPA free..?
Question:Can the musical toy be removed to make a food tray
Question:Want to buy only seat, Pls confirm how to buy?
Question:Is it rocker?
Answer:Its rocking and super product
Question:Where to put battery under music tray or under steering
Answer:Very nice product
Question:Will i have to assemble all after delivery
Answer:Yes but it is easy to assemble and product quality is also very good
Question:How does musical tray work?
Answer:You have to insert two AA size batteries and push the buttons on the musical tray.. no other special task required..
Question:How to put batteries..plz help
Answer:In open back and put the batteries
Question:If we want to purchase another pair of seat how to proceed further
Answer:Good proceed I am very happy
Question:Where is the case to put batteries ?
Answer:below the tray u have to put battery, u have to pull the tray where there is steering wheel
Question:Can we get sunbay butterfly Walker seat cover.?
Answer:make phone call to company address.. or mail to company..
Question:Made in india?
Question:Is this returnable??? Or only exchange???
Answer:Depends on you and quality was not good
Question:Whats the maximum height the walker can be adjusted (in cms)?
Answer:Maximum height is 40 cms
Question:Here music is not working??? I purchased this one music is not there
Question:Here music is not working wht
Answer:Music works fine but is so irritating that even my 1yr ol daughter hates it.
Question:music player is there ?
Answer:yes, it has good melodies the child loves to play and sit in the walker comfortably. The Music tray with light help develops the kids visual and interactive skills and most of all joy & laughter even to a crying child.
Question:How to put the battery in baby walker
Answer:You need to open the music tray from the below by opening the screws and then you will be able to see battery slot.
Question:How can i adjust the stopper. It always touches the ground.
Answer:do not use stopper … that is wasted one …
Question:No music after inserting new pair of batteries and why the stopper is there, it does not let the last two wheels on the ground
Answer:1. Please check the batteries status. Some time packed batteries also discharge.
2. Stoppers up 2 wheels that’s why baby can’t walk very fast. This stoppers produce resistance.
Question:Battery required for music?
Answer:yes 2 AA battery required for music , Battery not provided with item you have to buy seprately
Question:Does it has light and stopper?
Answer:Stoppers are there but no lights.
Question:What is the battery type? And how to put battery?
Answer:2 AA batteries
Question:How to install the stopper?
Answer:You just have screw them up in bottom side.
Question:Can we take off the push bar /rod behind the seat?
Answer:your wish… but you can…
Question:Seat cushion is available separate without walker
Answer:No…but you can in any local shop
Question:Music is not playingcan someone help here?
Question:Music tray required battery?
Question:Is it wheels moves in 360 degrees
Answer:yes wheel move 360 degree
Question:how to play music? it’s not working..
Answer:you have to use 2 AA size batteries at the bottom side of steering wheel.. batteries are not included with it..
Question:Is the walker height adjustable???
Question:If damged items while received how is the retrun
Answer:Please get in touch with Amazon for this. Minor scratches are acceptable. But i dont what if damaged
Question:Why is the delivery charge such high, pls reply.
Answer:total price is the mixture of delivery charges plus the actual cost. If i increase the cost the delivery charges will be less. ultimately the total will be the same
Question:does it have stopper in all color products? particularly Yellow and blue?
Question:How to put battery in it please tell i couldn’t find any instructions
Answer:See bottom of the music player. Open 4 screws and then lift up music player there you will see battery insert option
Question:Is this foldable or not
Answer:S foldable
Question:Can we remove parent handle?
Answer:It is come with removed condition only.. you have to assemble it.. if you don’t want the handle don’t assemble it..
Question:How do i play music
Answer:Insert the battery (need to open the screw of panel in backside)and there are button for music…enjoy
Question:Is it China made ?
Answer:Not sure
Question:It contains lights??
Answer:Small lights
Question:How to put batteries..plz help
Answer:Remove the screws under steering part
Question:Does it have music with light?
Question:Seat is not adjustable and one screw us missing
Answer:Over all performance is good.
Question:Where should we put cell to play music because it deos not working
Answer:under the dashboard, you’ll see the screws. read my review.
Question:My baby is 10 months, 9.5 kgs should i buy this, are the edges sharp
Answer:Yes….this Walker max load 15-20 kg
Question:Is this a original product
Answer:it is..but the front so much of are food get stuck and it is a bit difficult to clean..
Question:What is the maximum weight
Answer:It’s an avg height only, no worries but the good thing is walker never falls your baby down because of its design
Question:What is the height of this walker?
Answer:Height of this product is good enough for the baby who is about to learn walking. You can also adjust the height to match with that of baby’s.
Question:Music is not playingcan someone help here?
Answer:You need to remove the cabinet from downside and put battery in it. Supplier not put the battery.
Question:is it suitable for roads?
Answer:No not at all.
Question:How to music playing?
Question:How can i adjust the stopper. It always touches the ground.
Answer:It’s risky ur child may fall down so avoid it unless u need it more
Question:How much weight will be carry?
Answer:10kg weight will be carry
Question:Please iska parts magwa dijiye please
Question:Baby foot is touching
Answer:This ok
Question:Do Have return option
Question:How much weight it can take upto ?
Answer:20 kg
Question:Is battery is available for music player?
Answer:no, u have to buy from outside, no battery is provided with it , it needs 2 AA battery cell
Question:How to remove music tray for putting battery for playing music?
Answer:back side there are locks u hve to move that lock and remove tray send me ur what app number i will send u video
Question:How to fix the seat??
Answer:very simple you check the menu hoe to assmbles
Question:How stopper works?
Answer:Stopper is useful if the baby is not trying to pushing the cart by will elevate two rollers that’ll
Question:Is this product having option of return & exchange..? pls. confirm.
Answer:Yes, you can return and exchange the item
Question:Where is the case to put batteries ?
Answer:u can putt batteries in tray where there is steering , below that tray u put batteries
Question:How can we play music in this walker?wh
Question:Seat is not adjustable how to keep it
Question:How do we understand which type of batteries are needed
Question:How the stoppers will work?
Answer:it is useful and risky as well, if we pull back when the stopper is on, the front part would be lifted along the baby and it will hurt the baby sometimes
Question:Can you send photo to me where to put battery
Answer:You have to first open the music box screws and then insert the batteries
Question:How to access music tray?
Answer:It’s a very good for kids with broad bottom support with 8 wheels
Question:Does the stopper need to be put first only???
Answer:I do not recommend to use the stopper as the walker may tilt if baby pushes it harder. Better to avoid the use of stopper.
Question:Babies legs are safe?*
Question:How to play music
Answer:Unscrew the music panal and place batteries and tighten the screws
Question:any other color of this product
Answer:Don’t know
Question:Seat removable and washable?
Answer:Yes, we can able to remove, wash and reassemble it as many times we require.
Question:Why delivery is not available at Ahmedabad? Want to buy Pls contact
Answer:You can shop on amazon
Question:How to play music
Answer:u have to put batter cell to play music
Question:Where is battery point?
Answer:Just below the steering wheel. Put the walker upside down you will find screws below the steering wheel. There you can place the batteries.
Question:How to fold the stopper? Its not getting folded.!!
Answer:It’s headache to do this.
Question:If i am a prime member thn wht will b the delivery charges for this product?
Answer:1 week
Question:Music not working
Answer:Remove the screws under steering n insert batteries u can play music
Question:Is this musical?????? I ordered this but i can’t found it musical
Answer:you have to put batteriers for muaic to plat
Question:How to press stoppers
Answer:I don’t no same problem also
Question:Soft foot mat is removable?
Answer:yes its removable
Question:I am not able to put batteries
Answer:U have to open the top monkey cover by unscrewing from downside.
Question:Can we able to fold push bar handle
Answer:You can’t fold it but you can remove it and keep it aside
Question:Payment return
Question:how to fit the stoppers
Answer:There are a set of 8 screws provided in a small packet use them. there is provision in the back bottom of the walker to fix the stoppers
Question:Music is available for this baby walker?
Answer:yes available but there is no switch to on/off, so it will be irritated after 2 or 3 items, we have to remove 6 screws to disable the music
Question:Is this product having option of return & exchange..? pls. confirm.
Answer:U can check in ur orders screen
Question:There are buttons for music but they are not playing. how to activate them?
Answer:open the bottom of the front side plastic… then insert the battery.. it will works fine…
Question:Is this product returnable…? pls. let me know asap.
Question:Maximum age
Answer:1.5 yrs
Question:What is maximum height of this walker
Answer:3 different height
Question:How to set sttoper
Answer:No Idea, but using stopper is a bit risky as if the walker may tilt if baby pushes it harder. I would not suggest to use the stopper.
Question:Plz send me video how to put battery
Answer:No battery option no music
Question:Is that stick removable which is attached behind it
Answer:yes its a removable…
Question:How access music part?
Answer:When I buyed it there was no option of music so I returned it.Actually seller has mentioned about musical Walker
Question:Cutsomer number not rechable
Answer:Try again it is reachable
Question:How much is the total weight of this walker
Answer:Almost 5 kg
Question:Do Have return option
Question:Does it have stopper
Question:How can I fit batteries??
Answer:You need to unscrew the front panel
Question:can u deliver this product accessories
Answer:what u need we have to check is spare available and u can get on extra cost please message me on 9811842499
Question:Can i return this item, if im not satisfied
Answer:Yes .. but it should not be used by you.. in unused condition as per Amazon return policy, you can..
Question:how to put battery?
Answer:Unscrew from down below
Question:Is it protable
Answer:yes u can fold it
Question:Is the push bar adjustable ?
Answer:No, it is fixed
Question:Is it have music.?
Answer:yes it is with Music
Question:can we get walker seat cushion alone
Question:How to press stoppers
Answer:I don’t no same problem also
Question:I want to buy a extra seat only how can i get it
Answer:I dont think u will fine it .you hve to buy new one again
Question:It it have foot mat?
Answer:No , there is no foot mat available for this product
Question:Where is the musical tray
Answer:On top
Question:Bars are made from which material
Answer:Product is ok but pant is not so good. Bars are very strong enough
Question:The push buttons on the seat are coming out when the baby is sitting. How to fix it?
Answer:Tightly give pressure to it
Question:How to fix the seat n breaks
Question:How can i adjust the stopper. It always touches the ground.
Answer:We can’t do the adjustment to the stopper…you can simply remove the stopper if you don’t want
Question:Is push bar is available with it?
Question:we are not finding where to put the batteries and how to start the music
There is a steering wheel on the front. Just put the walker upside down and near the steering part you will find screws to open the compartment below the steering. There you will find the battery compartment which will again have a small plate on it. open it to put the batteries.
Question:do we get stoppers with this product as it shown in picture.
Question:I am not able to assemble break
Answer:Use the manual and also can take help of video
Question:what is the weight of item


Question:Does this Sunbaby Potty Trainer will be supplied with the cover/ lid as mentioned. Customer review is negative in this aspect, request confirm .
Answer:In my case it was as mentioned with cover/lid, as per the picture.
Question:Does this have a tray or somethjng the remove and clean after use
Answer:Tray is der but this one is too small in size
Question:Does is suitable for 3 month old baby ????
Question:Can it be fit on american toilet
Question:is it suitable for 3 yr old?
Answer:Yes. Only kid has to sit on that
Question:in this potty trainer removeable trey is available ?
This model doesn’t have removable trey
Question:does this item has removable tray ??
Question:Removal pan is avilable in this product or not
Answer:Yes its available.
Question:Can 9 month baby can try
Answer:suitable for 9 month baby
Question:Biger size 15years 40kg
Question:Age group is really 9month to 3 yrs??
Answer:Yes upto 3 years
Question:What its work
Answer:it is used for small children to sit and do “potty”
Question:Is it similar size to the other brand nayasa potty trainer or bigger one. Can any body suggest me as i have already seen nayasa one. It is very small.
Answer:This is also small… My kid was not comfortable using this
Question:can this summer trainer be used for 2 year olds
Answer:2-3-4 years
Question:Can we put 6 year’s children’s
Question:How to change my order?
Answer:First cancel the order then
Question:Seat cover/lid is missing.. So how can i get my replacement?
Answer:Go to the amazon app click on
Question:Is it suitable for 1 year baby??
Answer:No… It was kind of big for my son
Question:Is this returnable?
Question:does it fit with indian Style toilet ?
Question:Is this suitable for kids above 2+ years ? I’m confused as one of the reviews say that the seat is too small. Please confirm as quickly.
Answer:It is OK for 1-2 years not 2+ child.
Question:This is suitanle for below 1 year
Answer:Actually no.. it’s a bit bigger.. suitable for 1.5 years to 3 years
Question:Can i use this for 4 yr kid.
Question:Does it suitable for 6 month baby?
Answer:if baby can sit its is suitable but 6 months old baby is to small to use potty trainer may be 9 months
Question:is it suitable for 4years baby?
Answer:If the baby is thinner then it’s suitable
Question:Hight of the prodect?
Answer:Half feet
Question:Is this returnable in 10days?!
Question:Does this have a removable pot??
Question:It’s perfect for 2.5 years boy??
Question:11 month baby can use this
Question:Is it made in usa ?
Answer:It’s Made In India
Question:How to clean
Answer:I usually clean under water and wipe offwith baby wipes.
Question:Return option
Answer:Not required in my case
Question:How much baby weight can bare this seat?
Answer:Approx 12 kg
Question:Is it useful for 2yrs baby
Question:Can it be used for 2 years baby who weighs 11 kh.
Answer:This potty trainer is little uncomfortable for my 8 months old baby it is better u try some other option.
Question:I hope it has removal tray? Plz suggest. I m looking for 2.5 years baby.
Answer:There is no removable tray
Question:How to clean this product after babiy’s use
Answer:you have to use a cover/newspaper inside that to dispose it off after use. After that you can sanitize the seat.
Question:What is the max weight / capacity it can take
Answer:12 kg
Question:Is this only for training or baby can do potty in this ?
Answer:Yes baby can do potty in this
Question:It’s best product
Answer:Ya… But its potty training so if your baby doesnt like this or denied so it will no use 4 u
Question:use 2 years baby?
Answer:no. its likely to be too small
Question:Is it returnable
Answer:May be
Question:Could you please confirm the product dimensions? From dimensions mentioned below it seems big but reviews say it is small.
Answer:heigh is little bit small compare to others
Rest of the dimension are OK


Question:Is it’s with pad or with out pad as showing is picture or physical products in feedback section ?
Answer:Without pad.
Question:Can it be use 3 year kid?
Answer:Yes u can use it
Question:Does it fit in rectangular seat
Answer:This product is intelligently designed to match all shapes and sizes of seats. It has a vide structure to fit under the cover. The top part is the ideal size for the kids to sit comfortably for longer periods also as they normally take time to do the big job.
Question:Can it be use to 9 month baby?
Question:The sitting surface is not flat… It is in a bit vertical shape. How would kid sit on it!
Answer:While using toilet seat cover will be on the potty seat. So the sitting surface will be almost flat.
Question:Is this product made in india or china?
Answer:Made in India
Question:age range please!!
Answer:it was too small…didn’t use it at all…wouldn’t suggest buying this one.
Question:How to use in indian type of toilet?
Answer:Cannot use in Indian type of toilet
Question:Can I clean baby bottom using commode shower on seated position? He is three years old.
Answer:Yes it can be easily cleaned
Question:is it ideal for 5 years old kid ?
Answer:No. Not necessary for a 5 year kid.
Question:Can be used for 2years baby ?
Answer:Yes u can use it


Question:it is useful for 8 months baby?
Answer:if babybcan sit u can try to use, its baby potty trainer
Question:Does it have removable tray for easy cleaning?
Answer:no its fixed
Question:Is it comfortable for 4 yr kid?
Answer:No it is not comfortable for 4 yr kids.
Question:Is the pan removable for cleaning? Is there a splash guard for boys?
Answer:no its fixed
Question:Please tell me how to rotate knob to fix two parts
Answer:just twist the red know to fix two parts its a interlocking system
Question:Has it musical system and wheal?¿
Answer:no music and wheel
Question:Does this contain a removable bucket to clean it easily?
Question:This potty trainer use to 6year
Answer:its small size u can use upto 3 years
Question:where should we have to press for music
Answer:At Duck beak
Question:Will it be comfortable for 3.5 year old kid?
Question:Is the pan removable for washing?
Question:Can I get the knob which join the main part alone from the seller beacuse it got twisted when i used it for first time?
Answer:yes u can get on extra cost if u want u can let me. know on. 9811842499
Question:It’s connecect to Toilet Pot
Answer:no it will not connect to toilet pot, its seprate baby potty trainer
Question:Is is useful for 2.5 year kid
Answer:some time .
but its usefull try this
Question:Suitable for what age?
Answer:6-36 months
Question:Is the pan removable for washing?
Answer:no its fixwd
Question:My baby is 1 year 5 month can use this product to baby
Question:Does it have removable tray?
Answer:No.But potty seat can be sperated from the Duck portion
Question:Does it has a removable basket


Question:Can this be used for newborns?
Answer:Yes, I have been using it for my newborn since she was a month old.
Question:Suitable age baby 5 years
Question:What are its dimensions
Answer:No comments
Question:What about return policy
Answer:10 days
Question:Can this tub useful for 6 months baby
Question:Tub size?
Answer:Well length, breath and height is 31, 19 and 8 inches. The inside of the tub is 15 inches. The measurements may vary by a few centimetres.
Question:Can this tube useful for 24 months baby?
Question:Can this used to be 3 year old baby
Question:Is it slippery
Question:Suitable age for 4 years baby
Answer:Only tub is suitable for 4-year olds. The baby can use the chair till they are one year old.
Question:Can it fit in a standard size suitcase?
Question:What’s age limits for using this sling?
Answer:it cannot be used as mention .
Question:Is this comfortable for 7 month baby??? & Any chance for slipsin downward once seated????
Answer:yes it can be used for 7 month baby but care has to be taken while bath and holding the baby
Question:Return policy?
Answer:10 days
Question:Can i get bath tub bush additional. My tub’s bush is broken. Please help me where can i get that bush. Without that the bathing is very difficult.
Answer:It s very difficult to get
Question:I received the product but water is leaking. Is there any solution for it?
Answer:Bottom opener is not useful in this product so pls close tt for water leaking
Question:Is this suitable for 4 month baby whos neck z not stable??
Answer:yes , its not only for 4 month baby but also suitable for 2 month baby .
Question:I order this product on 2nd sep 2018 but this item is not dispatch
Answer:Pls tell your pin number
Question:How to use for baby back said plz solve my conflusen
Question:What is the dimension of tub?
Answer:No comments
Question:Can we use this without a bath tub?
Answer:Yes this can be used without tub. I have been using this for my baby.
Question:Is bath sling detacable one if needed
Question:Is it returnable
Question:Wat is the max age dat a baby can use the tub and chair
Answer:I used it till 5 months…my baby grew out of the chair quickly…so now I can’t use the chair anymore, but the bathtub is still useful!
Question:Is it slippery or nt
Answer:No itts good comfortable to make bath for babies
Question:Does it have a only shaper? Or else it have a tub along with shaper?
Answer:It has both Shaper and Tub
Question:Is the stopper available to buy separately ??
Answer:Yes, I purchase only sling separately, and the product is very good
Question:Can it be used for 1 month old baby
Answer:Yes it’s big enough but you’ll still need someone to hold the baby from slipping sideways on the sling.
Question:What is the height of this product??
Answer:The highest point is approx 1.5 feet from ground.
Question:Is this foldable
Answer:No. It is not foldable. But its light-weight and can be hung easily.
Question:It is suitable for 1 year baby
Question:Baby bath tub for 26 day baby
Answer:Yes- you can use that. The bath Slide is a comfortable product where the baby can lie down and enjoy the bath. In fact, the primary reason for the baby to cry during bath time is that they feel that they will drown in water. If we keep their head up they enjoy the bath
Question:Is it suitable for 15 days baby
Answer:This product is suitable 2 month and above baby
Question:Is it made in India ?
Question:I didn’t get the bottom open with the product it was missing during delivery & the suction cup also came out. Can I return the product but I tore the
Answer:Check with the seller
Question:Is there any chance that the baby slips downward once seated???
Answer:Chances are there. My baby was never comfortable with this sling. It was a wrong purchase for me.
Question:It comes with its tub also?
Answer:No. U need to purchase tub seperately.
Question:Can we use only this chair for bath without tub
Answer:Yes, without tub it can be used
Question:Suction isnt fixing in the holes provided.. what should i do?
Answer:Hole is given to drain dirty water after bath even u can keep open the drain hole
Question:What is the length of this tub
Answer:Its about 85cm or slightly less.
Question:I want this product for my 1 month old baby
Answer:This product is use upto 2 month and above
Question:Dimension the product
Answer:Width 50cm
Question:How to wash baby’s back in this tub
Answer:Not possible
Question:There is no good packing of product and is there any closing noch of tub is available??
Answer:No this product is so good any kind of problem with this product so i must say no chance for any problem
Question:Is it slippery
Answer:no have rubber pads
Question:What is bath tub bush
Answer:To bath kids upto 15 months
Question:Is this returnable?
Question:is it returnable?
Question:Can we use this chair in round tub ?
Answer:Yes you can but it should be big one.
Question:Any gap or hole available with tab to out the water while bathing?
Answer:Yes drainage hole is available with this perfect baby bath tub
Question:Is it true to colour? Can I get exactly all white colour?
Answer:Colour of this product is exact colour which shown
Question:Is this suitable for 2year baby
Answer:yes u can use it
Question:Is it returnable?
Question:Can this be used for 4month old baby
Question:Why should not deleverd this item in our area
Answer:Pls tell your pin
Question:Can this be used for 14year child?
Answer:No, you cant use it. Its for babies. within 1 year.
Question:Baby bath chair is sutable for 9 kg baby
Answer:Definitely no, it was too small as major portion was taken by those soap holder tray
Question:Is this foldable
Question:Is this product returnable ?
Question:is this returnable?
Question:Any tips and tricks to fix the suction caps? It’s not fitting in
Answer:It’s fitting properly
Question:I bought this from firstcry. I lost the white lid of the tub. Can i get it from anywhere??
Answer:You cant get
Question:Can this tub be used for new born babies?
Answer:yes can be used with adult, as the size is bigger for new born
Question:can be used for 20 days baby girl??
Question:is this suitable for 6 month babies weighing 10kgs?
Answer:Yes it is suitable
Question:till what age can the chair be useful and what upto what age is the tub useful
Question:Is it slippery
Question:Min to Max age usage?
Answer:Can be used for months old baby to 5 yrs under adults supervision
Question:Is it slippery
Question:Can it be used with hotwater ?
Answer:yes u can use with hot water to no problem
Question:is this suitable for 15 month baby?
Answer:Bath tub is suitable for 15 month baby, however bath sling is not.
Question:Is this product returnable?
Answer:I think so.
Question:is it returnable
Answer:Yes it’s returnable
Question:Is it suitable for 7months baby ?
Answer:yes u can use it with adult supervision
Question:how to cancle my placed order
Answer:It’s mentioned downward cancel option
Question:Is any other colour option is available instead of whitecolour
Question:Will this tub fit into kitchen sink?
Answer:No this tub is only for bathroom
Question:Tub included or not
Answer:Good nice one
Question:Can this be used for 4 month old baby?


Question:How much weight carry
Answer:1 kg
Question:Weight capacity??
Answer:30 kg
Question:Cane we make it in a sleeping position
Answer:yes u can
Question:For which age group baby, we can use it for -. Mine is 4 yrs
Answer:6 months to 2 years.
Question:Weight capacity??
Answer:upto 30 kg
Question:Weight capacity??
Question:No safety belt?
Answer:Safety belt is not available.
Question:Is it heavy?
Answer:The SUNBABY Stroller is heavy weighing Around 8 Kgs . It can take the weight of a child upto 25 kgs . thankyou !
Question:How to operate Rocking function
Answer:pullover front both wheel and rotate it at 180 degree and for backside wheel there is a lock press it to move wheel upside.
Question:Does this product come with a mosquito net?
Answer:its comes with a mosquito net….
Question:Does it have shoulder belt?
Answer:the sunbaby ” naughty cow ” has a 3-point safety belt … which means that the safety belts are across the baby’s lap and between the legs … this belt is not on the shoulder as it is not required however in products like carry cots , the shoulder belt is important and hence the sunbaby carry cot cum car seat has 5-p… see more
Question:Is it foldable?
Question:Shall i use this pram in Sweden?
Question:How much baby weight it can carry means supported weight which not mention
Answer:Our baby now weighs 11kgs and is comfortable.
Question:Does it become chair also once we fold the wheels
Answer:You can use it as a rocking chair but not as a feeding chair.
Question:What is the max weight it can accommodate?
Answer:I think weight is less, because the product size is so small as seat is too small for baby to sit
Question:can we carry this in hyundai i 20 boot space?
Answer:I have Grand i10…I can carry it in boot easily.
Question:Pictures show foldable…. It’s foldable
Answer:yes, but i replace the item. because size is too small


Question:what is the weight minimum and maximum limit?
Answer:12 kg
Question:Is it suitable for 1 month old baby?
Question:Till what age can we use this?
Answer:6m to 3 years
Question:Can i use 2month baby


Question:Till what age or weight of the kid can this take?
Question:Is it suitable for child aged 5-8 years?
Answer:Please see the product description explaining the weight limitations
Suitable for use for children from 15-36 kgs, for smaller children (15-25) the diagonal belt should be routed uder the aramrest, for larger children (22-36 kg) the diagonal belt should be routed over the aramrest, large fully covered booster which giv… see more
Question:Can this be used for 1.5yr old child
Answer:No. For children below age of 6, I recommend proper car seat with safety belts.
Question:Does it have cushion underneath or just a plastic mould covered with a cloth cover
Answer:Yes, it does have 1 layer of soft cushion; kids won’t sit on the plastic :-).
This is wider that I thought of (wide that the booster seat my kid used at USA).
Question:Can this be held in its position using car seat belts?
Answer:Yes, it can be held very firmly by passing the seat belts right under the hand rests and the kid’s waist. Good for kids above 3, who prefer to sit on their own.
Question:Does it fit any car? Suzuki wagon R and suzuki eeco?
Answer:It just sits on top of ur car seat, so should fit all models of cars.


Question:How much is the height of chair, height of seating position? can we use it for age of 7years kid?
Answer:dont buy the discount is fake. the actual mrp of obe chair is just rs.574.
Question:Is this durable how much max weight can it bare.?
Answer:it is a nice chair and is much better in quality
it must be durable
i feel it can easily carry 40 kg of weight.… see more
Question:Whats the sitting height of the chair?
Answer:Kids upto 3 feet hight can sit comfortably
Question:how many chairs one or two
Answer:one. The product is too good. But the problem in my case was that the seller sent it through postoffice and post man said they will not deliver &rather i had to collect it from postoffice which caused me 1/2 day leave and rs150/ for auto. But later i came to know that same chair is also available in a babyshop in my to… see more
Question:Is this foldable chair????
Answer:no not foldable
Question:Does it slip on floor does it have anti slip grip on legs
Answer:This is an excellent chair, very strong and sturdy for its small size. I am 85 kgs and I also sit on it sometimes. It does not have anything specific at the end of its legs that can be called anti-skid, but I have never seen it slip on my daily usage. I recommend this product.
Question:I get the damage product and its not that heavy as I think. I can see white cramp line which is already there.. while I am trying to go for return/rep
Answer:I have bought over I think it’s sunbaby is the best might be some manufacturering defect. Amazon will certainly replace it!
Question:whats the seat height?
Answer:Around 2 feet
Question:Is the height mentioned in cm? Coz 27 cm height seems very low, less than a feet.
Answer:It is good for kids upto 6 years.
Chair is very hardy can take weight 50kg also
Question:Can 4ft tall kids sit easily on it .?.?
Answer:yes course… even adult can sit in this chair….
Question:What is the height of seat and total height? The picture has shown the height as 27 cms. It is too low.
Answer:Chair is basically meant for 2-6 years old kids and sturdy. You can judge accordingly.
Question:is it orange or red? In picture it look like orange
Answer:It is orange . It is almost same as it looking in the picture.
Question:Please tell me ground to seat hight in inches.
Answer:It’s not even a feet higher than ground
Question:that chair for kids or adult ?
Answer:kinds from 1.5 yrs to 5 yrs
Question:Can I get two yellow colour in this?
Answer:Yes order n message us
Question:I have placed an order for 2 pink chairs instead please send 2 different colors
Question:Suitable for 5-6 year old?
Question:Till what kg can able to sit?
Question:What is the height … 27 cm is too smalll.. is it 27 inch or what
Answer:Height is ideal for 2.5 to 6 years old kids.
Question:Is this item eligible for return?
Answer:No idea
Question:How many chairs in this pack?
Question:Is it okay for 5 years old kid?
Answer:It can hold up to 70 kg. Very comfortable and stylish. My 13 Months started using it since then. Just go for it. VFM.
Question:What is seat to ground hight?
Answer:Approximately 12 inches from the floor
Question:Can we use this chair for 2 year old baby ?
Answer:yes.. its safe… but under supervision please… my son Siddhant… 3yr old , is very happy with this chair..its comfertable.
Question:What is the exact height of the chair and seat? 27 cms seems like a mistake
Answer:Ground to seat height is really 27 cm. Ground to top of backrest is around 50 cm
Question:Why the price of single chair is lesser than the two chair price ? Is there any difference in the quality or size ?
Answer:not sure of a single chair, but size on these chairs is good for toddlers. The quality of the chairs is good for the price I brought them (around 600).
Question:Can it be used by 3-10 year old child?
Answer:yes it can be used byb3 to 10 year old child
Question:How much weight capacity is capable ?
Answer:It can handle upto 85 KG as I am using same sometimes when needed. No problem with till weight. Thanks


Question:instructions to build the chair available ?
Answer:we can provide that seprately
Question:Can I get 6 chair of each colour ?


Question:How much weight does this chair would hold?
Answer:Around 15 kg
Question:Does the food tray have a dent for cup or bottle?
Answer:No its a plain tray ..
Question:Is it have cusion?
Question:Till what kgs baby can use.? Is 25 kgs baby can use?????
Question:Is this convertible to small chair
Question:How can baby age uses table
Answer:My daughter has been using it since the time she was 14 months old.
Question:Hi how old is this chair suitable for?
Answer:Less than 3 years
Question:it can used for above 2 year kid ?
Question:Till what age this can be used
Answer:2 year if child weight is normal.
Question:Can it be used in 8 months old