Major Car-Seats Mistakes Made By Parents

Major Car-Seats Mistakes Made By Parents

Kids are the world to their parents. Young kids are the ones who help in transforming the world into a dream world. However, have you ever imagined what will be the impact on children if there their world transforms because of your mistake? Yes, many times parents too make mistakes that can leave scars on their children for the rest of their lives. The car seat mistakes and accidents because of it can hamper the whole life of your children. However, what’s more, important is the correct use of car seats. By the way, you can get many baby products including car seats at Sunbaby. There you can have all the relevant baby items that can make their childhood more memorable as well as comfortable too.

In this particular article, what I wish is to let you realize your mistakes regarding the use of car seats. Even if you haven’t made any of these mistakes, then pat your back and make sure that you don’t commit them in any of the cases.

1. Promotion of your child so soon

You always tend to take care of your babies 24*7 as they seem to be young to you. But whenever it comes to car seats, they are always misguided at every step. From delaying things like violent video games and makeup, you also need to delay your kids’ progression with the utilization of car seats. They should be kept in each position and sit safely as long as they can. Correct protection should be given to children at their right stages of life.

2. Choosing a wrong car seat

Choosing a wrong car seat

Your choice of car seats might make you delighted as you are able to get numerous options of the same. For instance, there are a variety of car seats, like infant carrier rear-facing seats, convertible all-in-one seats, forward facing seats, and booster seats. However, it is important to make sure regarding the choice of your car seats for your baby in accordance with the height and weight measurements and absolutely not according to the age of your baby.

An inappropriate choice of car seats can lead you to the crashes or it may also contribute in the fatal car seat accidents. Because of such mistakes, your baby can be a part of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

3. Escaping the use of car seats

Escaping the use of car seats

You may consider it as a warning that you have to make use of car seats for the safety purposes of your baby. About 48% of children under years of 12 years of age died in the year 2016, because of car seat mistakes made by the parents; as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Reports further disclosed that it all happened as a consequence of not buckling up of babies in the right way.

As a matter of fact, you need to make sure if your baby has worn the seat belts in a proper manner. This should be done even if your baby is old up to 10 years of age. Using seat belt is very crucial for every individual but it becomes more indispensable for the young children.

Buckle up your baby in a well-restrained manner, in consideration with the safety of your baby, even then too, if it takes you some extra minutes to do.  A complete safety measure will surely make keep you as well your baby safe at any costs.

4. Forgetting to read, register and research


Forgetting to read, register and research

Many parents do make this mistake as they forget to read all the safety measures and the car seat related instructions. Some of the parents even do believe that they know everything about a car seat and they don’t need to read the instructions. However, what’s more, important is to read each and every point of measures carefully. These are the following things that you need to keep in mind.

i. Read the manual appropriately as it consists of many valuable things about the car seats Don’t ignore the information that is mentioned in it as it ensures the happy future of your baby. In case if you have lost the manual, then you can find it on the manufacturer’s website.

ii. Register your car seat with the manufacturer’s website. This will help you in case you recall them. They will easily be able to contact you as soon as possible.

iii. In case if you are making up your mind to reuse a used car seat of your elder baby or wish to purchase a used car seat, then what becomes most important for you is to research in depth about it. Older car seats can be recoiled or expired. It is always suggested that never use a car seat that has ever met a collision before.

5. Improper buckling

Improper buckling

Another one of the most common mistakes that parents make during their parenthood is the improper buckling of the car seats of their babies. Fortunately, to say that this mistake is quite easy to fix. The safety harness should be buckled across the lap of the child and their chest area. This will also include the armpit area. The straps should be tight enough where no material can be pinched. There must be no bulky items under the harness.

6. Use of car seat anchors

Use of car seat anchors

It seems easier to buckle up your kid’s car seat along with a regular belt but unfortunately, this mode of ensuring your baby’s safety is not safe enough. Use of a car seat anchors makes car seats much more secured. Apart from this, seat anchors also make your child almost immovable. Never go for an easy road when it comes to your baby’s security as it can prove fatal for him as well as you too. A safety mode always leads to a healthy life and a happy childhood.

I do believe that there were many of the mistakes that might have matched to yours. But the rectification of your mistakes can be done on time to avoid further consequences and mishaps. However, all the variants of baby products including car seats, strollers, tricycles, walkers, baby carriers and many more on Sunbaby.

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