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How to take care of baby in Monsoon?

Monsoon are generally accompanied with the feel of cold winds, moist nature and a freshness. Everyone needs freshness, be it adults or kids, to open-up the closed vents and fill the mind and body with refreshed energy to take up the day and remain focused. Whereas, the moist nature usually makes a baby cranky and the parents or care givers start looking for monsoon care for babies, or which oil is best for baby massage in rainy season. The reality is that rainy season or monsoon comes with diverse problems for the young ones, problems relating to health care of newborn baby or at the stage of infancy, toddlerhood, early childhood and middle childhood. the parents/care givers also need solutions on how to care for the skin, best baby care products in India and where to buy baby products online in 2019?

In rainy seasons or during torrential rains pretty much everywhere in India, with heave or frequent showers in many parts of the country, morass, dirt, humidity, mosquitoes and countless infections in the air make it a tough time for little infants, toddlers, middle childhood age-group babies and this obviously means more trouble for the Moms as well. Some simple tips, you and your baby can also enjoy the cool, rainy weather, just like everyone else. Let’s have look at it.

1. Keep the baby clean, non-sticky cream to avoid rashes caused by etching and keep them dry at the same time:

best baby care products in india

Rain does not come alone, but brings infections, germs and microscopic organisms with it. The care procedure requires a lot of attention towards the baby and maintaining toddler hygiene. This part involves keeping various areas within the reach of the baby, wiped and swiping the walls and floor with antiseptics. Remember to wash hands or use sanitizer touching and playing with the baby. It also requires taking extra attention to the underarms, neck, genitals and other folds and creases in their body. The baby’s maids and caretakers must be wearing clean clothes and are free from infections.

2. Keep the baby hydrated:

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A well hydrated body is better equipped to fight off flu and cold. Drinking enough water helps cleanse the system and flushes out   toxins like germs and bacteria from your child’s body. However, note that consuming contaminated water is one of the main reasons why children contract typhoid during monsoon. So, ward off water-borne diseases by only drinking water that is clean, boiled or filtered.

3. Dress the babies in comfortable and lose clothes to enable more movements ( how to protect baby in monsoon):

Apart from raincoats and clothes which makes the baby feel free during such weather. Dress you child in loose clothes made of light cotton. This allows the skin pores to breathe. Since, children love jumping in every mud puddle they find; gumboots are a must to protect their tiny feet from infections caused by rainwater.

4. Freshly and unadulterated cooked Food (monsoon baby care tips):

Typhoid becomes epidemic, unrestrained and quite rampant during monsoon. It mainly affects children and occurs due to consumption of contaminated food or water. Therefore. to protect your child’s health this monsoon from contracting such ailments, ensure that they only eat freshly cooked food. Also, avoid street food along with meals in restaurants and hotels as there is no guarantee on how hygienic the food is.Ensure that their diet is balanced and rich in vitamins, which are proven to be part of healthy diet, add minerals and antioxidants to the dietas it provides a lot of protective and nutritional value to the body. Avoid raw foods like salad and raw eggs as these can get contaminated and effect the immunity of the body.

5. Drinking water:

As mentioned above the merits of drinking water. During monsoon, the drinking water often gets get contaminated due rust on water pipes.

6. Make your home and baby surrounding mosquito-proof:

Monsoon along with it brings water logging. This is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes that can cause dengue, malaria and water-borne diseases to grow and multiply. So, to protect your child’s health this monsoon ensures that there is no water stagnation in and around your home by regularly draining vases and coolers. Use a mosquito net or keep all doors and windows of your home closed in the evenings. You can also apply repellents that agree with your child’s skin to prevent him/her from mosquito bites.

7.Maintain Personal Hygiene:

All the steps might go in vein if the parents/caregivers fail to maintain person hygiene of the baby. All diseases stem from bacteria, germs and viruses that when contracted by your child can lead to serious illnesses. To protect your child’s health this monsoon, ensure that you keep them and yourself dry and clean all the time. Sanitize your hands before you start cooking and do the same with your child’s hands before they touch their meal. Also, give them a shower after they get wet or play in the rain. Last but not the least, add some Dettol or Savlon to the water, before bathing them.

8. Avoid touch with strangers:

Playground, outdoor locations and swings are the usually breeding places of insects. These are places everyone visits during monsoon. It’s best to avoid such places during the monsoon, or at least go when it is least likely to be crowded. Like we worn our children’s to not to talk to strangers, this warning becomes more serious in monsoon.

Children’s are divergent, always running around and sitting rarely. This nature of babies makes it impossible to keep them restrained to one activity, or indoors. Parents must create an environment like outdoors at home, to keep them from contracted to or involved in some activity at home. This can be achieved by installing one or two swings indoor at home. This is not as difficult as it sounds. MEDICAL MEASURES: Certain vaccines will prove wise investments against diseases like the flu vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine, typhoid vaccine and hepatitis A vaccine. They help boost the child’s defense system against these microbes. Keep first aid handy with basic medicines of diseases kids vulnerable to at home and use as per doctor’s advice. Doctors advise that stagnant water and the cool temperature and extreme humid condition to be avoid for the benefit of the child. Keep your baby distanced from people who have skin or any kind of infections. The skin of baby is  their skin is fresh and sensitive at this stage to quickly catch such infections. Follow the Do’s and don’ts for nursing mothers, learned by mothers at the early stage of their birth.

Feeding the right baby food during monsoon season

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  • Eggs: Egg and food dishes containing eggs are full of proteins. Feeding your baby with home-made dishes are the ideal way to protect them from any infection during the season.
  • Almonds, pistachios and cashew-nuts are the best medicines to build a stronger immunity during rainy season. In markets, peanut butter and almond butter paste is also available, which make an awesome combination with wheat bread and chapatis.
  • Milk and milk products: kids and milk do not jell well, but it is must for building a strong immunity. During monsoon it becomes more important, and honey with milk form a more enriched combination to fuel them strength.
  • Fresh fruit juice: fresh fruit is the answer to how to protect from rainy season. Fruits contains vitamins, antioxidants and naturals ingredients giving the kids and children a layer of protection.
  • Whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian, soup is comforting and beneficial every way. Pair it with bread or flour to the soup and make it a complete meal. These both is considered one of the healthy foods for kids.
  • Herbal or ayurvedic tea is often considered an adult drink but it is time we changed our mindset. Two cups of ayurvedic or herbal tea in morning or evening considered as a healthy drink for children. The preserved energy present in tea help in fighting germs and diseases
  • Ginger During monsoon, the immune system becomes vulnerable and the stomach is prone to catch infection. Ginger or ginger paste is an excellent way to keep the stomach healthy and free of infection.
  • Increase the consumption of vitamin c rich food. The vitamin that seals the spaces between the cells in the body and prevents infections from getting into the body is Vitamin C. Ensure your child consumes lots of fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C.
  • Porridge and pulses are abundant sources of protein, vitamins, fibers as well as minerals. They also aid in repairing cells.


how to protect baby in monsoon

  1. Kids and babies usually are victims of upset stomach during monsoon. The handle this situation fluently, the parents must be well prepared with potent solution.
  2. Massaging the tummy softy with olive oil. Infant tummy massage is an exceptional and proven and natural way to resolve abdominal discomfort. It is natural way to provide relief.
  3. Let the baby relax and free himself/herself by enacting some light exercises: Rotation and light stretching in an infant could lessen the pain and improvises the movement of bowels. Don’t be in a haste, let them do it calmly and gently.
  4. Let the baby lie in prone for slight compression. Next step involves turning the baby. When the baby is placed on his/her stomach in prone for some time, it is easy for gas to release. Perform this when the baby knows how to turn and twist a bit. Do not allow the baby to remain in this position for much longer time.
  5. Rub the baby’s back for burping, because it is an important part of releasing gas. This will ensure the release of air from the stomach.
  6. Take 1 tsp of hing (asafetida) and mix it with 1 tsp of ghee. Heat it till lukewarm. The application of the paste on stomach can be applied on the child’s stomach four to five times a day till he gets complete relief. This is particularly helpful in stomachache.
  7. Take half a teaspoon of castor oil. Warm it tills lukewarm. Apply it on the tummy region. Place betal leaf on the portion after application. Castor oil helps in treating stomachache as it stimulates the digestive system and improves the peristaltic useful in addressing constipation. Castor oil releases gas and clears bowel movement.
  8. Baby food in monsoon season might lead to bloating. Massage with hot water eases the stomach muscles.
  9. Diarrhea may a recurrent issue during monsoon season. Grate 1 inch of ginger and add to 1 1/4 cup water. Boil with a little aniseed. After it is boiled, add a pinch of turmeric powder. Strain and drink.
  10. Avoid junk and fried food. When eating outside, ensure the place has proper hygiene and water is purified.
  • Conclusion

Every season has its advantages and disadvantages, the season of monsoon is no exception. The season involves certain pre-requisites for the parents and caregivers to follow. The above article, highlights in brief the important the do’s and don’t.

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