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Most babies fall asleep while breastfeeding during the first few weeks and months. The goal of breastfeeding is to make sure that your baby is full and to nourish. Generally, why does your baby fall asleep while Breastfeeding?  From some psychological and practical reasons, a few factors might explain why baby drift off during nursing.

Some babies sleep at regular interval and at a certain amount of time, other babies might want to sleep more. On the other hand, some babies feel sleepy in a calming activity like breastfeeding and sleep soon even before they complete their feeding.

1. They’re Full

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This is the most common and obvious reason. It is really impossible to feed your baby when he is full. Because, when the babies are full they feel comfortable and warm and asleep while breastfeeding. Most of the experts suggest that as your baby grows older, it is better to put them in bed or baby crib. Always make a relaxing routine. If your baby is having trouble while staying awake, then you will need to try more tactics to wake the baby. Most of the time babies sleep anywhere between 14 to 18hours a day.

 2. They Have Not Latched On Properly

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Another reason for fall asleep while breastfeeding is that the babies who don’t latch on properly may also fall asleep on the breast.

Feeling uncomfortable or pain during the feeding is another sign of an improper latch. The solution is to latch baby on deeper. If your baby falls asleep so soon – around 5 minutes after they latch that means baby is not getting enough milk for proper growth and gain weight.

3. Their Birth Weight Was Low

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If your baby had below 5 pounds at birth, you might face some problems while breastfeeding.  There is a possibility that you may find your baby is sleepier than others during feedings. There is a need for extra skin-to-skin contact of mother to baby to stay warm and for more frequent feedings.

Just keep in mind that baby milk can help premature babies stay healthy and to grow.

There is a hormone present called cholecystokinin or CCK. This hormone makes the baby more sleepy and lazy. It is released in your baby’ gut when the baby starts sucking, which means it can also happen whether she’s nursing or drinking a bottle. The first release of this hormone is caused by sucking. And the second reason is the reaction of the milk in the intestine. Generally, the higher concentration of CCK is present in young babies, this means it is harder to keep your baby awake while eating or feeding.

Babies are a gift of God and they are precious. Taking care of small babies is sort of a challenge when it comes to new parents. Just be patient and calm while handling small babies. New parents can face some challenges while handling babies. There are some things that have to be kept in mind when taking care of babies.

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