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Common Mistakes that Parents make with Newborns

It is a true fact that- Raising a newborn baby can be tough. No doubt, you can get plenty of advice online and from your elders or close ones on how to raise your baby but even after knowing all the facts parents make mistakes while raising their baby. This happens because every baby has different habits and behavior. Usually, parents make mistakes in the first year as it is a starting period and a new experience for parents. Let us discuss the most common mistakes that parents make with newborns.

Ignoring your baby

According to the baby’s specialist, ignoring your baby is not good for your baby. If your baby cries in the mid of the night and you ignore your baby then your baby feels insecurity and anxiety. Never ignore your baby if they are persistent in their cries.

Keeping your baby indoors

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Keeping your baby to crowded places is risky for your baby’s health as a baby can catch the infection, but keeping baby indoors all the time is also not good for health. Taking out your baby at that places where he or she can get access to fresh air like in a park is good for his or her health. If you feel any difficulty in holding your baby all the time you can use baby strollers so that you can easily go for a walk with your baby.

Believing everything you hear from others

It is a fact that different people have different opinions in every case. Every person comes with different parenting tips for your baby but it is not important to take all the opinions seriously. As a new parent, the only thing which is good for your baby is consulting with a pediatrician whenever you are in a doubt.

Car Seat Safety

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Some of the parents make the mistake while buying, installing the car seats or putting their newborns into those seats. This mistake can turn into a critical mistake and increase the child’s risk of injury in an accident. Make sure the head of your baby doesn’t flop forward. In this case, there is a need to install the baby car seat at the right angle that helps to keep the baby’s feet up, so that the baby can turn the head to the side and can breathe normally.

Letting other people kiss your baby

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When you see a cute baby, it becomes difficult to stop yourself from giving the baby a hug and kiss. This is acceptable only when your baby has already reached the three or four-month mark otherwise it is risky for your infant. Several illnesses can be transmitted through airborne droplets. Your newborn can easily catch microorganisms if someone kisses on the cheeks of your baby.

Being a new parent is an amazing blessing! Never feel afraid to ask for help in any case. Try to acknowledge the mistakes that other parents have made. Keep your newborn happy and healthy by your care.

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