7 Common Childhood Injuries with Prevention Tips

7 Common Childhood Injuries with Prevention Tips

Family planning is very important for married couples. The arrival of a baby marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. It is a joyous event that you celebrate with family members and friends. The necessary preparations can assist new parents to take optimum care of the baby. Childbirth coaches can help you with these matters.

Mental preparation is essential. Parents must remain vigilant to ensure the comfort of the child. Home accidents are common as both parents and the child adjust with the recent changes. Adequate measures can prevent these accidents. Paediatricians can guide new parents with baby care procedures.

Tips To Take Care of Your New-Born

Surveys highlight that first-time parents struggle most to cope up with the responsibilities. Things become easier to handle when you have a second child. Here are some pointers, which can assist young mothers and fathers to accomplish the task.

Eliminate Chances of Infection

Infants are very sensitive to germs. Their immune system lacks the power to fight bacteria and fungi. So, the chances of infection increase by many folds. Child experts suggest that one must wash their hands before he/she touches the baby. You can also use a hand sanitizer to remove germs.

Support the Baby’s Body

child's injuries and its prevention

The infant’s muscles and bone structure take time to develop. If you need to pick up the baby, place a hand behind his/her neck. It supports the fragile bones. Hold the baby in an upright position to ensure child safety.

Provide Proper Medical Care

Physical ailments can cause a change in the baby’s behaviour. If you fail to determine an external cause, consult with a child specialist. The doctor can examine the physical health of the baby. He/she may run clinical tests if necessary. The medical professional prescribes medicines after a thorough examination. New parents often forget to administer the medication on time. Make a chart as it helps to remember when you need to deliver the medicine.

Baby Proof the Rooms

Specialists opine that you can reduce common childhood injuries if you baby proof the nursery. If your baby crawls on the floor, then baby poof the hall as well. Construct a playpen for the baby to restrict his/her movement. This structure keeps the baby safe from unwanted injuries.

Pay Attention to the Baby’s Needs

how can we prevent home accidents

An infant cannot voice his/her discomfort. But a change in the behaviour suggests that he/she requires assistance. If the child starts to cry, then check his body position. Replace the diapers to make sure he/she is dry. Be gentle when you pick up or place the baby down. In time, the child develops in a teenager. Parents must pay additional attention during the teenage years.

Do Not Play Rough With the Baby

Interact with the baby as much as possible. It improves the bond between the child and parents. Play with the child to develop his/her motor skills. It is not wise to giggle the baby hard or throw him/her in air. Rough play can cause internal bleeding in the brain. It can even be fatal for the new-born.

Acclimatise the Baby

Many young parents assume that they can prevent childhood accidents if they keep the infant indoors. Paediatricians suggest that it hinders the physical and mental developments of the infant. Invest in Sunbaby Circle Stroller once your baby turns three or four months old. These baby strollers keep the new-born comfortable as he/she learns about the world outside.

Common Injuries that Children Experience

 childhood accidents

The infants grow fast if they get proper nutrition, love and care. Soon, the little angel takes his/her first step. The baby cannot process the dangers. As the child moves around, the chances of hazards and accidents with babies go up. Proper information can help you to prevent these accidents. Here are common injuries, which your child may experience.

Objects May Fall On the Child

The baby gains strength in his legs by eight months. He tries to walk on his own and explores his surroundings. The baby touches and grabs everything. He/she may pull the curtains or table cloth. The curtain rod or objects on the table can fall atop the baby. In such events, book an appointment with a paediatrician.

The Child May Trip and Fall

Parents must keep the floor clean at all times as the child learns to walk and run. If you leave toys or other items on the ground, the child may trip. If he/she fails to maintain balance, then he/she can fall. It can cause major or minor injuries and cuts. You can book baby carriers online to move the baby from one room to another as well.

Bruises on the Body

Both parents must check the baby’s body to detect any swellings. Dark or brown marks on the skin suggest internal blood clots. The toddler can get bruises if he/she falls. You must never hit the baby as it can cause nasty bruises. If the child plays rough, he/she can experience these marks. Gather information about the child’s injuries and its prevention from the child specialities.

Cuts and Scratches

common childhood injuries

If the toddler plays with sharp objects, then he/she can develop cuts and scratches on the body. Deep cuts cause bleeding. Parents must clean the wounds and place a bandage on the wound. For minor scratches, sanitise the wound with an antiseptic lotion. Apply ointments, which speed up the healing process.

Prevent Water-Related Accidents

Every year, many kids drown in the bathtub. The parents must never leave the child alone in the bathroom. Keep the water level in the bathtub low so that even if the baby slips, he/she doesn’t go below the water level. Your alertness can eliminate the chances of accidental drowning. Sunbaby Inflatable Baby Pools can make bath time enjoyable for your child.

Respiratory Blockage

Toddlers pick up things and put them in their mouth. They try to chew and swallow these items. Small plastic toys can get into the throat and block the respiratory system. It prevents respiratory activities. One must not waste time and rush to the nearest hospital. If you fail to get medical help in time, it becomes rather difficult to save the child.


Children do not realise that fire can hurt them. If they see a candle flame, they may try to touch it. The heat from the flame can burn the skin. If the toddler wants to burn firecrackers, then accompany the child at all times. Do not let the baby go into the kitchen alone. If he/she touches hot pans and pots, he/she may get burnt.

Tips To Ensure the Protection of the Toddler

The parents must look after the movements of the baby. Once the child starts to show signs of cognitive development, it is time to check. The young child may not understand the seriousness of the matter. So, you need to discipline him/her in simple terms.

It is not wise to develop fear in the child’s mind. It can hinder the mental development of the baby. Apart from this, it is the duty of the guardians to keep the home clean. Keep dangerous items out of the reach of your toddler. These can prevent the causes of home accidents among children. Here are some other tips, which may come to your aid.

Keep the Floor Clutter-Free

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Toys and other items, which lie on the floor, can cause the child to trip and fall. You must make sure that there is no clutter on the floor. It takes time to gather the toys one by one. The mother can use a wide broom to gather the toys and put them in bins. It saves time and prevents home accidents

Prevent Outdoor Injuries

When you take the baby out for a stroll, carry him/her in a baby cart. The size of the stroller must depend on the height of your baby. You can search for adequate baby carriers online. These have separate compartments where you can carry the baby products. The inside of the carrier has soft cushions. Even if the road is rough, your child remains comfortable. These also have safety straps. Put the belts on to keep the child secure.

Wipe Off Slippery Fluids

The toddlers like to run around the home. The mother needs to complete other chores. She may fail to keep an eye on the child at all times. Liquid or soap on the floor can cause the baby to slip. You must wipe off any liquid as soon as possible. Place carpets if you have polished wooden floors. The mat can prevent bruises and cuts if the baby falls.

Prevent Accidental Poisoning

Accidental poisoning is also a concern for many parents. Children put things in their mouths. Many young parents ask ‘how can we prevent home accidents.’ Experts suggest that they must keep poisonous and chemical-based items under lock and key. Keep cleaning liquids on the top shelves. Thus, your kids won’t be able to access these products.

baby care

The child learns from his/her mistakes. Minor accidents make the children tough. Parents must not blame themselves. You can teach the child life skills, which can keep them safe. In case of a severe accident, you must consult with the child specialists.

Do you want to purchase baby strollers or safe toys? Sun Baby India is the perfect place to acquire the necessary items. You can also buy parenting books and kids drawing books. Your love and care are the best protective measures that can keep the baby safe.

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