Tips to make your baby comfortable in summers

As a new parent, it is normal to get confused about how to take care of your baby. As we all know that temperature in summers causes irritation and discomfort to babies and give birth to some common problems like dry skin, heat rashes, diaper rashes, and prickly heat.

Tips that may help your baby in summers:

  1. Always select clothes according to the weather.
  2. Try to bath your baby twice a day as it may help your baby to stay fresh.
  3. Do not sprinkle the powder on your baby’s skin as it may cause irritation.
  4. Use baby lotion or mild cream to your baby’s skin if required.
  5. Oil massaging improves blood circulation and moreover, your baby feel relaxed.
  6. Try to remove the extra oil after the massage.
  7. It is recommended to clean your baby’s nose and nails frequently.
  8. Do not put any type of accessories on your baby.
  9. Use diapers only when it is required.
  10. If you are using diapers, then make sure to apply coconut oil before using a diaper.
  11. Always use a net or good mosquito repellent to protect your baby from insect bites.
  12. Always use warm water to bathe instead of hot water as hot water removes all moisture.
  13. Sponge bath during the day helps your baby to stay comfortable.
  14. Avoid using soap while bathing your baby and try to use herbal bath powder.
  15. Do to take your baby in the crowded place as the baby may feel irritated and uncomfortable.
  16. Oil your baby’s hair every alternate day as it may help your baby’s body temperature to cool down.
  17. Do not wash your baby’s hair regularly.
  18. Comb your baby’s hair regularly and remove tangles.
  19. Do not use thick oil on your baby’s hair it may irritate the baby.
  20. Do not apply too much hair on your baby’s hair.
  21. Regularly feed your baby if your baby is 0-6-month-old.
  22. Change your baby’s clothes frequently.
  23. If your baby is of one year and above then you must give watermelon, cucumber,custard, yogurt, onion, tomato, coconut water, lemon water, gulkand, etc.
  24. Always use cool clothes as it helps to remove sweat.
  25. Always use AC’s at normal temperature as it helps to cool down heat rashes.
  26. Say no to too much of baby products.
  27. Regularly clean your baby’s toys.
  28. Use cloth diaper during the day.
  29. Always carry a water bottle for your baby.
  30. Always apply sunscreen on your baby’s skin when they are out.
  31. Avoid outdoor activities as it may harm your baby.
  32. Late evenings are recommended for your baby to go out.
  33. Always try to give a warm bath to your baby before bedtime.
  34. If you are planning to travel, then choose early morning timings.
  35. The temperature of your AC between 25-26 won’t cause any harm.
  36. Use boil and filtered water for your baby to drink.
  37. Try to give maximum fluid to your babies.
  38. If your baby’s body temperature is 99 you must rush to the doctor.
  39. The baby pool is helpful as your baby will feel relaxed and can play in the pool.
  40. Always hang wet towels on the window and over the chairs.

keep your baby comfortable during the summer

Always keep your baby comfortable during the summer as it is key to enjoying the season.

Hope this article proves useful to you!

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