5 Dangerous mistake a parent makes while using a stroller

A perfect stroller from sunbaby to carry your little one easily and safely wherever you go. Ultra-compact design, constructed from high-quality material. You can move and turn the stroller easily with the help of a front swivel wheel. Equipped With detachable footplate, drinking tray, dining tray. The long and wide seat with extra soft cushion makes it more comfortable for your baby to sit and relax. Fold-able canopy protects your child from sun rays. To ensure your child’s safety it is equipped with a seat belt. Spacious basket offers storage space to keep your child’s essentials. Your child will surely enjoy a ride in this.

Divine Stroller Key Feature

  • Three reclining positions seat (sitting-relaxing-sleeping)
  • Canopy To Protect The Infants From Sunlight
  • Extendable leg rest
  • Provided with extra cushion pad for maximum comfort
  • Equipped With Detachable Footplate, Drinking Tray, Dining Tray
  • Front Wheel And Rear Wheel With Suspension
  • Reversible

Divine Stroller Key Feature

Do not buy a Buggy when you need of a stroller

Without realizing that Newborns are not able to sit upright and hold their heads up, hence a stroller / Pram is needed to make your baby lay down comfortably. We should use it until your newborn baby can hold his head up unassisted, which happens at about 8 – 10 weeks.

Do not Use the stroller’s cup holder for your hot coffee or hot liquids

The strollers are one of the best ways to show your care for your baby. However, you surely need to read the documents related to the stroller’s cup as many parents usually get it wrong which results in further adverse problems. At times parents usually misunderstand the stroller’s cup holder for the hot coffee or the hot liquid. As a matter of fact, a stroller’s cup holder is even less than 3 inches deep which is absolutely not fit for the about a 20 ounces tall coffee mug. A hot coffee or any hot liquid can anytime hit a bump. And as a result, it can go splash anywhere including your baby’s head and whole body. The Burn Center at New Jersey’s Saint Barnabas Medical Center spreads awareness that the burn caused by the hot liquid is termed as scalding which is absolutely harmful to your baby. You can use that cup for the cold liquids but surely not the hot ones.

Do not leave your Stroller Unattended while the baby is inside

Your baby is everything to you and he needs you the most. Henceforth, never leave your baby alone even for a single moment especially when he is in the strollers. As a baby in the stroller is incapable of doing things on his own, he needs you for every single and the smallest stuff. Try your best that you don’t leave your baby or let him unattended or else you can put the Brakes on the stroller when you have decided to sit down at any place like in a Restaurant / Parks.

Do not Jog with your Baby in the Stroller

Till he is 8 months at least. You probably wouldn’t even consider jogging without special shoes to weather the jolts your body takes. It is a proven fact that a baby’s Muscles take at least 8-10 months to develop hence your tiny baby needs to have developed strong enough neck and core muscles to safely handle the bumps.

Do not fold the Stroller with baby nearby

Strollers can hurt tiny fingers. Maclaren recalled more than 1 million products in 2009 after a grand total of 12 fingertip amputations were reported to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Two years later, the CPSC re-announced the recall after reports of 5 more amputations surfaced. In November of 2014, Graco recalled 11 stroller models due to fingertip amputation. Always make sure your baby is a safe distance away when folding or unfolding your stroller and that the stroller is locked open before putting your child in it. You want to keep all 10 of those beautiful fingers in perfect working order.

Do not use your Baby’s stroller as a Shopping Cart

Hanging heavy bags on the back of your stroller can make it tip over, on top of your child or with him in it. When possible, carry gear in the stroller’s basket. Don’t put sharp objects in pockets on the stroller’s seat back: Your child could get hurt while leaning back.

Do not buy a Non-Cushioned Stroller & Safety Belt

The Stroller should have a Cushioned Seat Pad to assist the soft body of the New Born Baby as the babies muscles are weak and need all the support for the neck and body. A Safety belt is very important so that your baby does not slip down the stroller seat. Even a fall from the stroller-low height can be very dangerous, and babies often move around unpredictably while sleeping.

Five essential safety features of baby stroller that every parents should know

safety features of baby stroller

There are a few most important things that you need to keep in mind before you opt for purchasing a stroller for your baby. These are as follows:

  • Travel system

If you desire for all in one stroller for your baby, where you can directly transfer your baby along with the stroller, then you can consider a travel system. It is available in the most compatible infant car seat that clips into the stroller.

  • Ability to add further seats

This type of strollers works best if you’re planning to have more babies. In that case, you won’t be required to get another stroller. Instead of that, you can simply add on an extra seat attached with the main one.

  • Space

It’s good to opt for a stroller that has enough space that carries your baby as well as all those much-needed items that are indispensable while you are on the way with your baby.

  • Steering

Ensure you’re able to comfortably steer your stroller and feel confident in maneuvering it in and out of tight spaces, doing an about-face, and tipping it back to mountainous regions.

  • Safety

It is one of the most important features that must be kept in the head if you are making your mind for buying a stroller.

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