How to Choose Suitable Baby Toys for 0 to 6 Months

How to Choose Suitable Baby Toys for 0 to 6 Months

The minute babies are removed from the womb, they start to develop knowledge of what is going on around them. Each day, a baby will have more skills than the previous day. Choosing baby toys that are suitable for their age and needs will allow you to help them learn more.

Think Noise

Even while developing in the womb, a baby could hear “noises”. Enrich their hearing with soft toys that create different noises, for example small stuffed animals with bells inside of them, soft rattles with soft handles, or a small squeaky animal.

Get a Baby Play Mat

Get a Baby Play Mat

This is the cheapest and most efficient toy to give to a baby. If you can’t find one, you can use a padded blanket for the baby to play on. If you choose blankets, you’ll need to watch closely and to place the baby in a crib when they go to sleep. Play mats give the baby the opportunity to lie on a soft surface and play with toys. As the months go by, it will also give them the opportunity to have room to roll over and crawl on.

Invest in Baby Mirrors

Invest in Baby Mirrors.

Babies love to look at things, especially a close-up of themselves. Attach a mirror on their play mat for more entertainment.

Attach a Baby Mobile to a Crib

Attach a Baby Mobile to a Crib.

Make your baby feel comfortable that there’s still “friends” (toys) with him/her while they go to sleep. The soothing music creates an extra security blanket.

Get a Teether or Two

Get a Teether or Two.

You’ll want to be the most prepared when that first set of teeth comes in. Always leave them in the freezer or refrigerator until that “special moment”. Teethers are also great gnawing toys.


Always think safety. Refrain from getting anything with sharp edges, things that could break easily, or things that could wear & tear more often. Look for non-toxic toys and other items that would not harm the baby if they decide to put it in their mouth.

Avoid getting recalled products. Always refrain from getting anything like water balls that are easily mistaken as candy, pacifiers that are recalled, and everything else that is recalled.

Avoid letting a baby sleep with stuffed animalsYou want to have a clean and clear crib with minimum items, including blankets.

Rings and other soft toys can always be washed with soapBabies love to explore what’s around them and will try to gnaw on everything.

Bouncers and baby gyms are perfect for entertainment. They also can be moved anywhere that you go, including the kitchen while you prepare meals.

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