Babies Weight Gain Foods List

Healthy Weight Gain Foods for Babies & Kids

I guess every parent will trust my words and find it right. Once, you have become a parent you need to be on the top in ensuring when it comes to the growth of your child. A significant growth rate according to the age is a necessary factor which is related to the children. Apart from this, gaining weight is still a question mark on the health conditions of many kids or toddlers. Yes, I understand that the age and gender are the factors affecting their overall growth. However, you may have seen many infants who eat well but don’t gain much weight accordingly. But don’t panic as this is not a cause of concern. There are some children who have a high metabolic rate and because of this, they burn more calories faster. Henceforth, this is important to give them the right supplements that can help them in maintaining their diet with the foods that are rich in vital vitamins and minerals that further helps them in maintaining their active lifestyle.

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However, those kids, who are undernourished, suffer from various health issues, for instance, fatigue, irritability, and slow development. Highly nutrient-rich diet can help your children grow faster and better which will further help them in weight put on.

However, in this article, you can take a sigh of relief as I’ll be talking about all those food items that can help your baby grow well. But before I simply jump onto the topic, I would love to give you a brief description on how to increase weight in children. So, here we go…

How To Increase Weight In Children?

How To Increase Weight In Children

As mentioned earlier, there are some kids, who never tend to gain some weight which can be due to multiple reasons, like the genetic constitution of parents. Apart from this, metabolism to plays an important role in the weight management of your baby.

What you can do to ensure that your baby is eating well and gaining weight accordingly is to make sure that you keep a diary and make a clear note of what your child’s likes and dislikes, preferences and allergies. Also, you can keep a weekly menu prepared to make his food time a fun delight. Here, I’m giving you a few tips too which are quite helpful in building your kid’s health and boosting his weight.

• Physical Activities:

Make sure that your child gets adequate exercise and does physical activities lest his appetite is healthy.

• Focus On Healthy:

Keep a check that your child is having a healthy as well as a well –balanced diet for a healthy living. The basic focus should be on the healthy rather than just weight gain.

• Introduction To Sports:

Introduce your children to numerous sports, like swimming, cycling, and many more. This will help them by building their appetite and consequently, it will develop their physique and ensure the overall development.

Why it is important for your baby to eat healthily?

your baby to eat healthily

You can take an example of any living being, for instance, a butterfly’s life. The initial days of the lives of a butterfly are most crucial for their perfect development. Similarly, the initial few years of your baby is most crucial. Here, you, as a parent need to take care that your baby eats healthy or you can say that you have to introduce your children with healthy food habits. This is one of the most indispensable tasks as these will last throughout their whole life. This will also help you to avoid all those fussy faces and food-time fights with your baby as they grow. Plus it will help your life easy while traveling and eating outside. It’s only you who has to decide that whether they should get addicted to junk foods or they should go ahead with the fruits or salads. Apart from healthy eating you also have to ensure that your baby is active enough and get sufficient play time for their better development. Also, they should be exposed to the sun for efficient timings.

Age-wise breakdown of weight gain for kids

The weight gain differs among various babies and for that you don’t have to compare with any other kid. However, doctors recommend a weight chart for babies on the basis of their average weight for Indian kids. Your child should follow it and be in a similar range as indicated in the chart. It is advised to all the parents to make it sure that they help their children follow the chart as a normal guideline. Plus, they also have to remember that a pediatrician’s advice is just the best for any specific requirements of your baby.

1. Babies (0-12 Months)

Babies (0-12 Months)

During the infancy, your baby will grow fast in the first few months. Every month your baby will acquire some weight as well as height. You might have to shop for clothes more often. What becomes your responsibility here is to ensure that your baby sleeps well and is fed well too. Apart from this, you need to keep a check that he should be vaccinated as well as taken for the regular check-ups on time. It is recommended that your baby should be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months. Afterwards, they should be introduced to other liquids or semi-solid foods along with breast milk. Ideally, your baby should be double of the weight by 4-6 months of age.

2. Toddler (12-36 Months)

Toddler (12-36 Months)

A toddler is considered to be one of the most active phases in your baby’s life. This is because; there are numerous developmental changes related to emotional and social factors occur in them. By this time, your child will start exploring the world around him. Apart from this, he himself will be exposed to other children like while strolling. Immunity and food habits that you made in your child’s infancy will become even more important as this will start exploring tastes and more probably won’t eat healthy as well properly too. During these times, there will some fluctuations in the weighing scales of your baby. However, varying weights of your baby depend on various factors, like an emotional state of mind, the anxiety of separation from parents, new atmosphere or changes in the diet or food habits.

3. Preschoolers (4-6 Years)

Preschoolers (4-6 Years)

The thorough development of your child that he will go through this time will surely last along with him in a long way ahead of their life. However, the hectic schedule and highly active lifestyle of preschoolers need much more intake of calories and numerous variety of nutritious food. On an average note of the day, a child needs about 2 kilograms of nutrition per day.

4. Children (7-12 Years)

Children (7-12 Years)

Children by this age try their best to accommodate in the transforming age from preschoolers to a new phase of their life. By this age, their need for nutritional requirements also increases and the weight gain will become constant as they will start gaining 3 kilograms of weight every year. Apart from this, by this age, your child will have his diet as any other family member of your house.

There are some food items that are specifically mentioned and should be included for sure to ensure the better development of your kid. However, you can also add Sunbaby products for making their childhood even happier as well as memorable too. What you can add in your list to feed your baby lest he can attain weight according to his age as well grow properly.

What your responsibility here is to make his diet delicious as well as healthy too. Henceforth, I’m damn sure that you will need a few tips for providing your child with the required nutrients for their overall development.

The weight gaining food list is as follows:

The weight gaining food list

1. Breast Milk

Breast milk is considered to be the best food for babies until 6 months and even till they turn 1. Breastfeeding is best for infants as breast milk can nourish them with the maximum nutrition. Apart from this, they also help babies gain their weight. For feeding your baby, you need to be very active and you need to eat highly rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals for the increase in the supply of milk. A lactating mother is recommended to have days, a protein which is made out of cumin and fennel seeds mixed well with desi ghee or fenugreek leaves as well as dill leaves.

2. Cereals/Chapattis & Boiled Vegetables

By the 2 years of age of your baby, start adding some foods that they can handle themselves. What you can add to this list is milk soaked cornflakes, chapattis; vegetable stuffed parathas spread with spread with ghee and feed your baby in small pieces. In case you are non-vegetarian, then you can also serve some shredded pieces of chicken.

3. Fruits:


Banana, cheeku, mango, custard apple are some of the best fruits that you can introduce your young ones too. It can be offered to them as small pieces or as milkshakes or custards or ice-cream. Apart6 from these options, you can also give fruits to your child by preparing smoothies with these fruits sprinkled over it. Also, you can add honey, powdered nuts and curds to your smoothies. Bananas are a perfect source of energy and carbohydrates as it contains about 105 calories. It can help your baby keep himself tummy-full for a comparatively longer duration of a whole day.

4. Vegetables:

As much as possible, add green and leafy vegetables in the diet of your baby. Spinach, fenugreek leaves, carrots, pumpkin, beans, and other vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Apart from this, serving such food will offer your child high calories which are good for his development. You, as a parent, can also add peas, as they are a good source of vitamins and dietary fiber which are a good source of calories.

5. Eggs:

The best source of protein and additional calories are eggs. These can be served right on the plates of your child as boiled, fried or as spread as an omelet. These are some of the ways by which you can offer eggs to your baby directly. However, you can use different modes too for adding eggs in the diet. For instance, you can add eggs in pancakes, custards or fillings for chapatti rolls. French toast is another amazing option for the intake of carbohydrates and calories.

6. Fish/Meat/Poultry:


Fish is a great source of Omega3 and is highly beneficial for the strong development of the brains and hormones. They are pretty rich in proteins and vitamins. Chicken is highly rich in cholesterol, niacin, magnesium, phosphorous, Vitamin B6 and B12. You can also add fishes to curries, dosa or sandwiches. Chicken can also be served in soups or added with rice in the formation of curry.

7. Paneer & Cheese:

Animal products like paneer and cheese are best for all those who are vegetarians. These are easily available as they can be made at home with the whole milk. Chop them into small sizes and offer them as a finger food. It is something like an ideal snack for any time that doesn’t need anything else as a compliment. However, you can add them in parathas as fillings or in curries with rice. Cheese is another food which is rich in calcium and helps your child has something healthy in his diet. Apart from this, you can also add cheese in sandwiches, chapattis or pasta for adding health quotient as well as taste in the nutritious diet.

8. Dried Fruits & Nuts:

When you to find a perfect combination of snacks and energy boosters, then you can go ahead with the nuts and dry fruits that can help your child grow at multiple rates of speed and it helps in ensuring a healthy life. Dried fruits and nuts like, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, raisins, black currants, dates, and apricots are an amazing option that you can include in your baby’s breakfast. Try to offer them nuts or dry fruits in spite of chocolates and candies. They will help to compensate for the sugar cravings of your child. And not only this, but they will help you and your babies with the intake of some nutrition at the same time.

9. Avocados:

A huge amount of fats and calories are available in avocados. These are the best combination of ideal food for your toddlers’ weight gain. It tastes amazing in soups, dips, sauces as well as smoothies. The soft and pulpy texture allures children more.

10. Peanut Butter:

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has got natural oils and fats content that makes it rich in calories. You can make use of peanut butter as a spread over the toast, biscuits, fruits, and sandwiches. For all those children who have an allergy from peanut butter, then you can go ahead with any other nut butter spreads, like hazelnut spreads, almond spreads or the soya spread.

11. Starchy Vegetables:

Starchy vegetables like, potato and sweet potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates and fats. They are an excellent source of energy. Plus, what’s the plus point with them is, children love to eat them while they are mashed with the cheese. Sweet Potato is rich in beta-carotene and sugar. Mashed sweet potatoes taste great with lentils, milk, cheese or even just plain.

12. Olive Oil:

Olives are the best source of fats. And oils extracted from olives can help your baby gain weight in an appropriate manner. For offering your baby a healthy life, you can cook food using olive oils. This will surely prove out to be the best modes and methods of development of your child.

13. Oats:


Oats are high in magnesium, thiamine, phosphorus, and manganese. Also, it is quite low in cholesterol and saturated fats. Oats can be consumed in the forms of porridge, kheer or pancakes for your toddlers. Add some dry fruits and nuts as toppings over the porridge to enhance the taste and health nutrition.

14. Lentils Like Moong Dal & Urad Dal:

Moong dal and urad dal are the powerhouses of calcium, protein, and EFA that helps in the development of the brain. Moong dal can be added in khichdi with rice. Apart from this, for additional taste and nutrition, ghee can be added as a topping. You can also add some vegetables for the daily servings. Urad dal can also be used to make idlis which is a healthy steamed south Indian dish which is rich in carbohydrates and protein.

We always do for our children the best with what we have. So, why not to lay the foundation of their life even more firmly? Henceforth, these were some of the best weight gaining food that you can add in your list to make your baby even healthier. Apart from this, you can gift your love packed well along with the baby products of Sunbaby. They have various types of baby products to make your child’s childhood memorable and happy as well

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