Toddler stage is the learning period for children. They learn a lot of things from places and teachings. There are certain habits that parents should teach their kids in order to make them behave their best in front of others. It is so embarrassing when you are teaching your child how should he behave with someone and they refuse to listen. This happens when you are not keen on teaching some manners to kids and just wave off him/her as a child.

My nephew was playing with stuff toys along with my sister, there was this one toy that she wanted and he was not ready to give her. So, when she asked him to lend him that particular stuff toy, he not only refused but hit her hard on the head. She started crying and her mother scolded him with a loud shrilling voice.

Dealing with this type and tone of voice not only lowers the morals of the child but he/she will get used to the shouting. Your child will become insolent if you continuously shout at them.


Deal with them with a set of rules, if they follow the rules, treat them with gifts and praise them. Praise them in front of others as this will make them happy and they will do things accordingly in order to gain more praises. The following list will help you to teach manners in the right and friendly way.

Short Nails, Less Scratches

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Kids can get scratches while playing with other kids. Not just scratches, longs nail are a home of dirt deposits and bacteria. You can teach them with pictures that how long nails can directly affect the health. Some of the diseases like onychomycosis, diarrhea, fungal infections and many other diseases. It is really important for your kids to keep their nails clean and short.

Nice Fragrant Hair


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Outdoor playtime results in a very dirty kid and the moment they step inside the house with dirt pooling at their feet, your irritation and anger know no boundaries. The first thing you do is to carry them to the bathroom and prepare them a nice warm bath. Keeping their hair clean is as important as the rest of the body. A dirty scalp can lead to dandruff, itching, oily hair and many other dirty issues. Not taking care of your kid’s hair can cause other diseases like psoriasis which can be caused by buildup.

Short Quick Showers

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What’s better than a quick shower in summers? Believe me, there’s nothing better than a refreshing shower in summers. Teach them to go for a quick shower whenever they get back from playing and when they have to go to bed at night. Explain them the hygienic way of keeping their body clean, as it is the basic necessity.

Squeaky Clean Ears

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Kids do not usually clean their ears; either they poke inside their ears with their fingers or they just let the dirt to deposit. Never let them use a cotton bud to clean their ears, I repeat NEVER. Make it their habit to clean the outer ear with a damp cloth right after they take bath. For the internal wax removal, take them to a doctor to get their ears clean regularly.

Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth

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Do not let them eat anything until they brush their teeth. Explain to them that eating with a mouth full of germs is eating germs also and that is bad for their health. Also, make them brush their teeth before they go to bed. Personal hygiene is very important to, be it internal hygiene or external.

Washing Dirty Hands

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Does your child grab the cookie from the cookie jar with dirty hands just after he/she gets back from the playground? Well, ask them politely to wash their hands as soon as they step inside the house. Even if they went out for some work, traveled in a bus or in a metro, ask them to wash their hands and also to keep some anti-bacterial wipes or hand sanitizer. Ask them if they have washed their hands before they sat on the dinner table and remind them to do so after dinner also.

Return Kindness

Be thankful for everything for food, for clothes, for parents, for shelter and everything else what God has given and your parents have strived for. Thank your mother for the food she has cooked and served for you. Teach them to pray whenever they go to bed and after they wake up in the morning. Kids learn fast if they see their parents doing so and they will follow suit. Say thank you whenever a person gives you something.

Patience Is a Virtue

Kids are very anxious and impatient; teach them that if they are being patient enough then they will definitely get the fruit of their patience. If they do some work then ask them to wait for the results as nothing is decided immediately. Give them a variety of examples to prove your point. Kids love stories, so tell them the stories which are ending with a lesson.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Win their trust and ask them to be honest. Do not scold them if they are not honest and not even if they are being honest. Shouting is not an option and is not necessary also. Loud scolding can make them terrified of you. What is the need to shout if you can talk to them in a loving way?

Say No To Bullying and No To Bully

Say No To Bullying and No To Bully

Plan a surprise visit to the places your kids go regularly, like schools, playgrounds etc. Look from afar (not in a creepy way) whether your child is being bullied or is bullying someone. Racism is another aspect which should be kept away from kids and they should be educated in the light of race. Teach them that color does not define a person, their personality does. Criticism can hurt others and also your kids if they are being criticized.

Regular Exercising

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Technology can take away the activeness from your system. If they take a break from their study time then make them go outside in fresh air to rejuvenate them. Giving them different gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and laptops can make their movement restricted. Less active kids mean they find their playground in small screen straining their eyes. Don’t make them a couch potato!

Love Thy Animals

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Love animals as you love your parents. Those mute little beings need love and care from you. Encourage them to adopt a pet and to look after it. This will give them a sense of responsibility and they will feed their pets before they eat. Of course, you also have to teach them the difference between dangerous animals and pets otherwise if they start loving a lion then your trips to the zoo would be frequent!

Unprejudiced Judgment    

Children are as innocent as a lamb and if they see something bad or good happening then they focus on those things more and ask themselves a question “Why”? Enlighten them that God has made everyone equal and only hard work differentiates them from others. They should not differentiate between rich or poor, good or bad, black or white or in any other human being. Make them understand that there is no such thing as an enemy and everyone is a friend if you talk to them politely and friendly.

Well Mannered and Well Behaved

A well-mannered child is loved by everyone and that does not mean that a bad kid is not loved. Kids are very innocent and it needs a lot to teach them. They always have a question which starts with “WHY”. Kids follow their parents and if you are not behaving well with your spouse or anyone else in your family then your child will copy you. If they are not fond of someone then teach them to be polite with them also. Ask them to be calm and not create havoc.

Keep Their Space and Surroundings Clean

As much as personal hygiene is important, the surroundings should be clean too. If they have eaten a candy then ask them to throw the wrapper in the dustbin. Ask them to avoid throwing the wrapper on the floor. Even if they are in the park then ask them to not litter the place and carry a plastic bag to collect all your waste. Make it a habit, even if at home, they should know the importance of dustbin and clean surroundings.

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing Is Caring

Just tell them one thing, “If you don’t share your food then you will go fat”. This can only be said for food sharing but educate them to share everything with their siblings and parents and with everyone else. Show them the kids who are not able to afford books and basic items like clothes, food, toys etc and ask them to share your things with them. Be it toys, food or clothes; introduce them to the idea of “donation”. Not only this will encourage them but they will also look for the small children who are destitute.

Money Is Responsibility

Money Is Responsibility

If your kids are big enough to handle money then put them on a monthly expenses plan. Give them an amount of money and ask them to spend it responsibly. Tutor them to handle their expenses according to their needs and if they go out of money, then don’t give them another wad of money, instead ask them to wait for their next pocket money. This way they will be more careful with money and will start saving and they can buy a new toy for themselves.

Clean Up

Start with their room; give them a something which makes them happy if their room is cleaned in an hour. A clean room means a CLEAN ROOM, not the clothes being stuffed in a closet or under the bed. Explain to them that it gives a wrong impression on others if your room is not clean, people will think them as a dirty person and believe me if you call a child dirty then they will definitely feel bad. Start by cleaning up with them. Even after they have had their food, they should pick up their dirty plates and should wash them in the sink.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated means that your kid should drink plenty of water and not any aerated drinks. Say no to soda. Soft drinks are loved by kids and they will not miss an opportunity to drink that. Switch it to a healthy alternative like juice. Show them the related pictures of the aftermath of drinking soda or other aerated drinks and explain them the dangerous effects they can cause on their health. Too much of sugar is present in soda drinks and that can cause diabetes. They will soon realize how important water is for their bodies.

Meals with Family Is Always a Good Idea

Meals with Family Is Always a Good Idea

Let me tell you an incident, my aunt was busy preparing a plate of dinner as well as she was serving the whole family at the table. I asked her whom she was preparing the plate for to which she replied that it was for her son (my cousin). I told her to ask him to join the family at the table, but she said that he prefers eating alone while watching TV. Following this practice will shoo away your child from you. No matter what, ask your kids to join the family at the dinner table. Make the dinner time interesting by sharing your childhood stories. Kids eat well when they are happy.

Healthy Meals

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This is the universal truth that kids hate veggies. They are more inclined towards junk food like chips, chocolates, pizza, burgers and other food items which only add fat to the body. So how should make them love the veggies? Make vegetables interesting by giving them a shape of their favorite character.  Make the food colorful like rainbow-colored wheat pasta. Ask them for their favorite flavors and making the food in those flavors.

It’s not difficult to teach manners to kids, the thing is how polite and calm are you with them.

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