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Doing these Baby things right – Eating, Early Walking & Bath

New born baby is the best blessing from God. If you are a parent and have a newborn baby then it is important to do the activities for newborns in right manner. The things are like- Early walking, eating, and bathing. You need to be more careful while doing these activities.

According to the World Health Organization Academy, the exact time of breastfeeding for newborns is only for six months before other foods are introduced.

Most of the babies start eating new food around the time of six months while some of the newborns show no interest until they are a bit older. It is true that every infant has different feeding behaviors and needs which indicate a need of complementary foods as in the age of four months whereas few of the infants are not ready to accept other foods until eight to nine months of age.

Breastfeeding and eating food both are really important for a better baby growth. As the time of start solids is not fixed so the best time to start offering your baby other foods is when he shows the signs of being ready and interest in eating solid foods.

And of course, we do not expect the same thing from all babies like to walk, eat, crawl or potty train on the same day of their lives. Sometimes when you are eating and your baby watching you, this behavior is the sign that your baby will be soon to ready to start eating solid foods. If your baby rejects the food, and you are worried then first take a take breath. Having a tough-to-feed baby is common and anyone can get through this phase.

Tips on how to tackle the situation

Consult a Pro

The first thing that you should do is consulting with an expert as proper nutrition is important for a child’s healthy growth. If your baby is not eating, you need to know if there any is any normal problem or real & big problem, if the problem is real then ask an expert and do whatever he suggests. If the doctor is not able to give the right solution then the doctor may refer you to a pediatric feeding specialist.

Give a sample

When you are going to start giving new food to your little one then give your baby a small amount of the food so that the baby can learn the taste.

Have fun

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Turn mealtime into party time because of party time, smiling, and clapping helps to encourage your baby to eat more. You can try by flying the spoon with airplane noises and by tickling your baby’s lips with the empty spoon.

Eat together

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As a parent is the first role model for babies, babies learn each and everything from parents. By watching you your baby eat more. So start eating together.

Early Walking

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If your baby is quick to take his or her little first step then this is great for you. According to the study, the babies who start crawling, standing, and walking sharpen early are quick learners. Generally, the babies stand independently at around eight to nine months. The babies who are not able to stand alone until twelve months had the lower test score at age 4.

It is important to identify the delay in the child’s development. If your baby is not able to walk till 11 months then you need to take care of baby’s activities more. You can try best baby walkers for your baby so that he or she can learn walking earlier.

Take your baby outside like in the park so that your baby can take the fresh air especially in the morning. You can buy baby strollers for your baby too so that you can spend more time with your baby outside and enjoy the safe walk. A stroller is needed until your child is able to walk on his own. Try to buy the best stroller for your baby that keeps your baby safe, comfortable, and secure.

Once your baby starts walking in his own shoes then it is the time to take more rides. For safe rides, you can prefer the best tricycles for your baby. And if you feel that your baby is late in walking then consult an expert.

Bath time


Bath time is the perfect time among all the times because this is the time that engages your baby’s senses and nurtures the bond between you and your baby. It is also important to establish the bathing routine. Habits, in general, help your baby deal with new activities in a more natural way.

Bath time is the favorite time among daily routine because it not only relaxes the body of the baby but also engage little one’s sense of smell and touch, making it an all the more enriching experience.

According to a study, the routine bath touch can improve emotional, cognitive, physiological, and social development.  Use bathtubs for your babies as bathing in bathtubs improves baby’s mood, alertness, and calmness. It is important to follow the guidelines on how to bathe your baby.

  • Use warm water and after filling the bathtub check the warmness of the water with your hands so that there are no hot spots.
  • Use your one arm to support your baby’s head, neck, and back and gently place the baby in the bathtub.
  • Clean your baby’s body gently especially on the outside avoid putting anything deep into your baby’s nose and ears.
  • After bathing, gently pour warm water over the baby’s body and wrap in a towel and dry the baby well.
  • Before dressing, apply body moisturizer and powder to keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy.
  • The important tip is to never leave your baby alone in the bathroom.

A bath is a perfect way to refresh your baby’s mood and to create a distinction between “busy time” and “sleep time”.

These are the things that you should do in the right manner because these things play an important role in the child’s development.

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