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Doing these Baby things right – Activities outside home

Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs in this world and among all jobs.

If you have a newborn baby, you need to know that it is important to play with your baby inside the home or outside the home. Sunshine and warm weather is perfect for newborn babies as well as for all age of children. The right kind of play is educational, interesting, and a bonding experience. But the thing that you need to figure out is how to interact with your newborn baby and with the baby of age above one year.

The growth of a baby depends upon the proper nutrition and the right playing activities that you are doing with your baby. If your baby doesn’t seem ready for a certain activity, try to do again in a month or two. If a baby is happy then it is good for his or her health.

Most of the parents say that newborns need to be kept inside the house for the first six months but it is not true. So, playing with babies inside the home or outside the home both are important. Before going out with your baby, take a baby bag and load up it with everything you could need. Here are some activities that you can do with your baby outside of the house.

1.    Go for a walk


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Nature is a refreshing and fresh air of nature is beneficial for anyone’s health. It is the time to break out the stroller and take your little one for a morning walk. Morning’s fresh air is the best remedy for any problem. If the baby is small then you can use baby stroller while walking because it becomes harder to hold the little one for longer. In this way, you can spend more time with your baby.

If you are living near a beach then you can go for the walk on the path near the beach and there is nothing more than the soothing ocean sound to relax your body & mind and baby’s mind. Babies like the outside atmosphere as compared to the atmosphere of home. Talk to your baby about what you see, smell, and hear. This activity stimulates attention skills, language development, and observation skills.

This activity also enhances and strengthens the emotional connection between you and your baby as you share all the things and excitement of the outdoors with your little one.

Too many kids spend most of their waking hours inside of the house. You can use baby walkers for your kids and take him or her outside for practicing walking because a baby learns walking fast through the use of walkers. Going outside with your child and in touch with nature gives him or her chance to enhance the senses to explore the natural world. Baby gets happy when he or she touches the trees, flowers, and the grass.

2.   Fly a kite in the sky

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This is another activity that a baby would like to see. You can plan a picnic, spread out a blanket, and let the kite fly in the sky. Baby will love the dancing of colorful kites in the beautiful sky.

3.    Water play & toys

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You can take some waterproof toys, a blanket, and a camera with you. If you are ready for water play then bring a tub and a pitcher of water. Let your baby play, experiment, and observations.

This is the best game for infants four months and up.  Your child will think that you are just taking fun along with him or her.  Also, dress your baby according to the conditions of the weather. Babies feel fun while playing in the water.

4.    Go to a restaurant

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Whenever you talk about going outside or traveling, the baby gets happy at that time. Why just not take a day out to an outdoor café. Invite your one or two friends and her baby to meet up with you too and your baby and make it double the fun.

5.    Enjoy music outside

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Babies are fond of listening to music and dancing. Whenever you go outside like in a park with your baby take your phone with you and the favorite soundtracks that your baby like the most so that while walking he or she enjoys the music and walk as well. Laying in the stroller and listening music is a great fun for a baby. Baby loves to experiment with different musical sounds. There are some baby musical walkers that can help to do this activity in a beautiful manner.

6.    Have a ball

If the baby is sitting freely, he or she will love playing or rolling a ball with you on the grass. So, before going outside, pack a bag and bring a bunch of balls in different color and sizes and get ready for some giggles. Show your toddler how to throw and kick the ball. This activity develops motor skills and also teaches the importance of sharing and taking turns.

7.    Take your baby for a ride

If the age of your baby is more than three years then you can take your kid for a ride on a tricycle. Kids love to take a ride on a tricycle in the evening time.

8.    Take a sunset drive

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Though you can’t stay up outside like in a restaurant, you can go for a drive in an open field, the beach, or anywhere with a beautiful view and you can sit freely and watch the sunset view. In this way, your little one can sleep peacefully in his or her car seat, as you will only a few feet away from the baby. The sleep that your baby will take is peaceful.

Teaching to your kids to love the outdoors helps the baby to understand the value of nature.

So along with inside activities, outdoor activities also play an important role in a child development and healthy growth as the baby learn many things from these activities that are shared above. So, always do these outdoor activities in a right manner.

Happy exploring! You can do anything as you are amazing! Cheers!

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