Benefits of Using Olive Oil for Baby Massage

Benefits of Using Olive Oil for Baby Massage

Young babies are no less than a miracle and taking care of them becomes our favorite job. And massaging is one such best way of bonding with your baby. However, there is one more way of showing that you do care for your baby. You can offer your little bundle of joy some exciting baby products for making their childhood even memorable and beautiful. You can trust Sunbaby India for your baby’s products where you’ll be able to get a variety of items.

However, it’s been so long that people never get tired of singing praises about the massages for the babies and their benefits. A baby massage helps babies in the overall development of babies and is delightful too. Apart from this, it is even much better during the season of winters as it helps to keep babies warm when the temperature dips really down.  However, do you really know which oil is best for babies? You need to be really gentle with your baby’s skin. Henceforth, my suggestion is that you should go with the olive oil. Let me tell you why they are best for them.

1. All-Weather Massage Oil

All Weather Massage Oil

Believe it or not, but yes, olive oil is best for your baby’s massage and you can go ahead with it along with all other moms. There are certain oils that are generally restricted during summers or winters. But don’t worry; you can go ahead with olive oils in every season. You just need to take care of the quantity of the oil you are using to massage your baby. You will need to use a generous amount of oil during winters as the skin tends to dry easily. However, you can consider a small amount in summers as it can become really heavy for your babies.

2. Has Moisturizing Properties

Has Moisturizing Properties

Protect your baby’s soft skin with a shield of olive oil as it contains moisturizing properties that leave their skin smoother, softer and shinier. Olive oil contains squalene that hydrates the skin of your baby. Apart from this, it permeates your baby’s skin that makes it even softer.

3.    Cures Cradle Cap

Cures Cradle Cap

A cradle cap is a condition of skin where your baby’s skin appears dry and flaky layers are visible on the scalp. However, it doesn’t hurt but it also doesn’t look pleasant. So, for curing such a situation, you can o ahead with the olive massage on your baby’s scalp. You can simply massage your baby’s head and leave it for about 10 to 20 minutes. Wash and rinse off excess oil with a mild baby shampoo. Afterward, use a baby comb for removing loosened bits of flakes. And pretty soon, cradle cap will be cured.

4.    Cures Cough

Cures Cough

With an approaching winter, you can go ahead with the olive oil massage for your baby to cure coughs and dreaded colds. Massaging your baby with olive oil offers your baby’s chest with a mixture of eucalyptus radiata oil and a few drops of a good olive oil, such as Figaro Olive Oil, can help relieve him of his cough and respiratory congestion.

However, you can go for Sunbaby for baby products for your munchkin to making their childhood even more beautiful and memorable.

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