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    Breastfeeding is one of the most important phases of motherhood. Every mother loves to breastfeed as it helps your baby to grow stronger, moreover, it creates a special bond between a mother and a child. As we all know, both husband and wife are working now-a-days so, in this busy schedule, women pump their breast
  • Introduction of Solid Food Items to the Baby’s Diet

    Introduction of Solid Food Items to the Baby’s Diet

    As the baby grows, the body needs more energy and vital nutrients. A gradual introduction to solid food becomes necessary, but while doing so, you need to keep in mind that the transition from milk to solid foods should not prove to be very much overwhelming for the baby. What are Solid Foods? When the

    Tips to make your baby comfortable in summers

    As a new parent, it is normal to get confused about how to take care of your baby. As we all know that temperature in summers causes irritation and discomfort to babies and give birth to some common problems like dry skin, heat rashes, diaper rashes, and prickly heat. Tips that may help your baby
  • Spanking and Scolding your Kid

    Spanking and Scolding your Kid? Well…Think Again

    “Your violence against your child, or inefficiency in defending your child from violence by other family members, reveals YOUR WEAKNESS and INCAPABILITY as a parent! Next time, before you indulge or let others indulge in such acts…THINK AGAIN!! Read this blog for supporting evidence against ALL FORMS OF VIOLENCE against children.” Many a times, we might have come across parents (or
  • How to Choose Suitable Baby Toys for 0 to 6 Months

    How to Choose Suitable Baby Toys for 0 to 6 Months

    The minute babies are removed from the womb, they start to develop knowledge of what is going on around them. Each day, a baby will have more skills than the previous day. Choosing baby toys that are suitable for their age and needs will allow you to help them learn more. Think Noise Even while